179 Swamp Teasers

Bringing balance to the Universe one bot (or 3) at a time…
Yes it shoots balls but you can’t see that yet, and it blocks the chute nicely :smiley:


Well done. I was hoping someone would make a good ramp bot but this just blows me away. Good luck

Why do I have the feeling this is going to win einstein if it can effectively feed balls to the two strong scorers on its alliance? Probably because it will. :cool:

My mind…it has officially been blown…

Goes on Travelocity to buy plane ticket to St. Louis

Gotta see this thing in action!

Are you sure that this does not violate

Robots may not grab, grasp, grapple, or attach to any Arena structure. (Robots may push or react against any
elements of the Arena that is not protected by another rule.)
Violation: Foul

I would be inclined to say that your robot does not violate the rule, because you aren’t clamping something onto the bridge, but are instead cleverly utilizing friction and balancing.

Also, can the pivoting-platform part catapult balls?:smiley:

This seems kinda like a 111 from 2001 hybrid utilizing a clever passive gripper to hang. Mind=blown

It is fully supported by the top surface of the ramp and doesn’t touch any other part

Also it doesn’t catapult but it will defiantly be able to shoot balls

My only question is how many copycats will we see…

Came in here expecting “Teasers”, Things went much better than expected!

That thing is just awesome. 3 more weeks of refining and you guys will be a force, can’t wait to talk about it when it makes the FRC Top 25!

Does the bottom of the u-channel that fits over the bridge end touch any part of the bottom side while the bot is suspending or suspended? Or is this just an amazing example of a perfect balancing feat?

I’m curious as to what the 4 sprockets on the ramp do. Guess I’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

Take another look. That appears to be the ball handling mechanism on the bottom of their ramp (look at the vertical channels and teh white gears). I’m guessing they are, essentially, a close in dumper. They plan on playing in the offensive zone. Since you’re not likely to have 2 bots on defense, their ramp system only makes sense in the offensive zone.

I agree…I wish you wouldnt have shown this so early :frowning:

That’s not a teaser, thats a robot!

Out of curiosity what angle is your ramp at? I imagine that an angle steeper then the actual ramp (15-16 degrees) may present a problem for some teams trying to climb you.

It really does look awesome though. 40 points anyone?

Good Luck with your bold strategy this season.
Regards, Bryan

Is this legal?

Good find! Do you think they’ll be shooting any higher than the second basket, though?

Does it matter? 10 points in hybrid + 40 points for balancing all 100% by one team. Great job guys! I’m amazed.

Robots may not grab, grasp, grapple, or attach to any Arena structure. Robots may not push or react against the top of the Fender. (Robots may push or react against any element of the Arena that is not protected by another rule.)
Violation: Foul

That’s the only rule they might have a problem with.

Thanks for the compliments!
Good luck copying this, there are many, many particulars to make this system work properly. If they successfully do at this point in the season then hats off to them. This posting is meant to inspire creativity, so if that’s what it does GREAT! There are a lot of features not shown here like the ball shooter/collector and nuances about the balancing gauge alert system as well :smiley:

It lays flat on the ramp surface when balanced. However I understand a recent Q&A would allow it to touch underneath as long as it comes off easy.

From the looks of it they aren’t reacting off of any surface but the top of the bridge, hence no grabbing or attaching or grappling.

my hunch says legal, can’t find anything against it