179 Swampthing 2012 Video


Here’s the “unveiling”](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lplARY6PPUQ) video :smiley:

Very original :smiley:

Love the part at the end with the robot falling off! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video! I can’t wait to see this thing compete!

Outstanding robot!

By far my favorite robot so far. Ingenious idea, and it’s so dang cute!
How concerned are you about tipping while driving around with your ramp/shooter up? At about 0:40 in the video it tips a bit, and I’d be concerned about taking a hit and flipping.
Great bot, can’t wait to see it compete!

I’m guessing the software wasn’t finished yet since Charlie isn’t in the picture.

It stays level more often then our robot, that being said, our robot can tip quite a bit and still come to rest on all four wheels. Based on other videos, I think that will be common this year.

The bumper acts like a wheelie bar. It can tip quite a ways and still comes back on its wheels. It can flip if the ramp is straight up going over the bridge (so we won’t be doing that) but other than that it’s stable.

Gary, we actually have missed Charlie for 2 years now, he’s been busy working on his electric car projects.

It’s funny how your original robot reveal got over 100 responses yet this one isn’t in the double digits.

How easy have you found it to do the three robot balance with your bot? How long does it take?

I always look forward to seeing 179s bots play. Swamp thing is always a contender no matter the stage and I’m excited to see this unique design play out.

Well in theory I think the fastest way to do a 3 bot balance is if 2 are already balanced and we hang on at the end. It works out where a typical bot of 145 lbs needs its CG less than 19" from the opposite end of the ramp and it should balance. This is in theory because we couldn’t replicate with our light wood bridges. So we can lift at any time, they just need to move out to the end. So for us to cup on the end, lift our ramp, then lift the base only takes a few seconds. Then its the shuffling after that might take a few more.

However if we’re the ramp and they need to climb us it all depends on the other drivers how quick they get up and over.

Nice looking robot. Good luck this year.
Who’s the grumpy Gus in the lower right hand corner of the team picture? Did someone forget to tell them it’s time to have fun?