179 Swampthing 2013 Video

Here’s a quick movie from Team 179. Sorry, didn’t have time for anything fancy (not much footage either) and it’s goofy. Note: the screams were added in, no children of the swamp were injured during the making of this film.
We didn’t meet the Top25 requirements for premiere night, so here it is a little early. Cheers!


Wow, very nice!

This will definitely be a deadly bot in Florida. How did your team come to the decision to not be able to load from under the pyramid?

Awesome work! I always admire 179’s simplistic approach to each year’s game.

wow, very impressive. nice, simple and effective. way to go guys :slight_smile: hopefully i’ll get to see it at champs. good luck this season.

This may honestly be the first robot to break 100pts. 2 discs in auto(18) + 4 cycles(48) + 20pt hang + 20pt dump(this would equal 106pts)…that seems totally realistic for this robot. And the last time 179 built a robot that solely fed from the HP, they dominated the Orlando Regional.

Great job! Love the stacked magazine that doubles as the pyramid dumper…

I definitely agree. Awesome climb; this is one of the first >10 climbers that I’ve seen and been like, “Wow, that’s a crazy scorer AND speedy climber”

Awesome work, can’t wait to see this robot be deadly in Florida and hopefully at Championships.

Congratulations, you just made my jaw drop for the first time this season. Can’t wait to tangle with you guys in South Florida!

Seemed like an elevator was the quickest way up, and wanted to shoot at the goals from a higher point to improve accuracy by reducing distance and to minimize blocked shots. These points preclude a simple way of getting under the pyramid with a fixed elevator.

This bot weighs 93lbs! the base plate is like 2011, just a flat plate. Most of the parts are Nylon Stereolithography. Very awesome stuff to work with.

Amazing robot!!! I highly anticipate your robot going to champs :slight_smile: hopefully we will see you there

Judging by how they went up to the 20, I don’t think the design does 30…

Plus you can see them scoring on the top of the pyramid from the 20 point zone.

Oh dang, I stand corrected. I though they were hooked in that video; yes they look to be the fastest 2 level + dumper we have seen so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mike and all,
Currently this elevator is only approved for the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor is out of order until further notice.

That is really cool, I never thought of having a combination magazine, elevator and climber. You guys will definitely go far this year.

That elevator has to be one of the coolest mechanisms shown so far this season. How do you keep track of position for firing the frisbees out of it?

If it wasn’t unique, it wouldn’t be swampthing.

Another just awesome 179 robot that I look forward to watching play, and will hopefully get to see in person at some point.

There’s an encoder on the 2 am gem cim motors. The 2 motors are facing each other with a coupling combining them going thru 2 big 1/2" encoders (1 is a spare). There’s lots of set positions for feeding and shooting.

This is an absolutely fantastic design. Looks like swampthing will be one of the top teams who can consistently score discs and climb high! In fact, I think this is the first robot I’ve seen so far that can shoot 3 pointers AND dump on the top goal.

Then I guess you didnt see the 1023 videos.


Once again I am speechless sir. That is an excellent machine coming from a true veteran team. One of those smack your head type “why didn’t we come up with that type design”. Kudos to the whole crew.


Here are a few pictures from different stages in the build.