18 Feb 2019 TBA Update: Robot Names, New Stats, and more!

Here is another update on our progress building The Blue Alliance.
Read about our last update here!

The Blue Alliance is an open-source project built by volunteers who write code for our website, Android app, and iOS app; as well as mods who help us keep all our data accurate. Please consider contributing

Area Updates


Our work on the website and backend is led by @plnyyanks & myself.


Our work on push notifications is led by @Zach_O

  • The first PR for the The Blue Alliance’s new notification backend got merged. The next step will be building out the subscription endpoints for the notification service.
  • Subscription API work, as well as building out support for additional notifications, is currently underway. This is a large work effort, and will take some time.

iOS App

Our work on the iOS app is led by @Zach_O

  • Since our last update, v1.0.2 and v1.0.3 have shipped to the App Store!
  • v1.0.2 is focused around adding debug information to track down and fix some crashes (which was a success - PRs crashes are getting fixed), and adding iOS 11 support
  • v1.0.3 fixed a bug where Matches weren’t showing up in the Matches table
  • The Match Breakdown/Event Insights views for 2019 are ready to ship! We’ll need to ship an update (v1.0.4) to support these.

How to Contribute

If you’d like to get involved building The Blue Alliance, join our mailing list at thebluealliance-developers on groups.google.com (more signal) to stay up to date with development or ask to join the-blue-alliance.slack.com (more noise) to hang out in our chat channels.

If you’re looking for an easy getting-going project, we’ve labeled some of the open issues on our main website “Help Wanted”. If you’d like to pick one of these up, email our developer mailing list, and we can help you get going!

Thanks to our Contributors!
Thank you everyone who contributes to The Blue Alliance, either providing data, helping moderate media, writing code, and everything else!

Austin Shalit (1):
      Remove extra `{` (#2402)

Eugene Fang (7):
      Use HTTPS for image meta tags. Fixes #2388
      Properly encode account display names in suggestion controllers
      More robust encoding of account display names
      Bump django version (#2391)
      Update rankings, match breakdowns, and event insights for 2019 (#2395)
      Fix blue showing red endgame
      Add scoring location breakdown

Jared Hasen-Klein (1):
      Adds badge with week # to events (#2397)

Phil Lopreiato (2):
      Skip importing robot names for 2019 (#2389)
      [team-admin] Allow editing robot names (#2390)
Bryan Herbst (1):
  	Fix offseason events that straddle month boundaries or that occur on the first/last day of the month not showing up. (#887)
Zachary Orr (7):
  	Support iOS 11 support (#423)
  	Remove team motto from Team view (#425)
  	Make match score optional (#427)
  	Remove validation to allow empty AwardRecipient objects (#429)
  	Fix team search bar count showing up incorrectly (#430)
  	Update React Native to add 2019 views
  	v1.0.4 (#433)

Glad to see 2019-specific insights, everyone should really take a look at the interesting week 0 insights

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Was reviewing the Bonus Objective Statistics, what is a “Unicorn Match”?

4 rp

Ahh okay Thank you!

I’m way too exited about this little feature. Great work by everyone involved!


I noticed and like the new Week # for the event last night. Could this be added everywhere the competition’s date is referenced, specifically the team pages?

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Thanks a ton to all TBA contributors! It really is an invaluable resource to everyone.


Great idea! I just added it. If you don’t see it on a particular page, it’s a cache thing and should show up within 24 hours.


Will team avatar’s be available on team pages?

They should be within 24 hours.

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I would like the match score breakdown page to have the rocket 1, cargo ship and rocket 2 in the same order in the table and graphical display.

I may have missed it, but has the schema for 2019 scoring been released? If not, is there a rough ETA on it? I know FIRST just recently released theirs and I understand it takes time add it to the API. Thanks!

2019 avatars are now live

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The 2019 scoring breakdowns are available via the API


We’re just missing documentation for this model, but they’re available

Edit: The docs are now on the API page for the 2019 models


This is just a small thing, but would making null hatches show up as black or some other color make it easier to see? Right now the white on the faded colors are a little straining on the eyes.

P.S. when’s night mode coming out?

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Yeah, black is probably a better choice of color. I’ll change it.

As for night mode… no promises on when. :upside_down_face:


Pull requests are welcome

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