1806 S.W.A.T. 2016 Reveal

Our 2016 robot’s name is Duke.

See you at competition!

Great looking bot 1806! I was so impressed with how much attention to the little details you put into your 2015 robot and this one looks like a definite contender as well. That pinball style shooter is great. I’m suspecting some influence from 118 in 2014 there. I’m also expecting that some scaling will happen at some point?

As always, excellent work. Good luck to your team and Duke next week at the KC Regional. See you there!

Thanks for the kind words!

We currently have a PTO on the robot to power a scaling mechanism but we aren’t planning on scaling by GKC.

We definitely drew some inspiration from previous years’ robots :slight_smile:

See you at GKC!

Unique design !

Does the robot use pnuematics on the linear punch ?

The linear punch is powered by two springs. To load the springs we designed a shifting gearbox that we can shift into neutral to release when we are ready to fire.