1806 SWAT Teaser

Progress after 3rd week. Combination of different idea’s we may use.


Your robot looks really cool.

I like the accuracy of the turret. how far does it fire, was the range on the video max speed?

We shoot it around 7 1/2 feet. The speed is not max, but it is the speed we want.

Where did you guys get the metal curvy part of your shooter? I am having a hard time figuring out where to look.

We made our own design on Autodesk and cut it out with a beverly shear.

Wait. I’m talking about the metal venting material at 0:48. You made that?

yes we designed and built it ourselves (no it is not store bought)

The main trouble i had making the hood on inventor was that i made it harder than it was lol…also constraining it was tedious work lol :yikes: i can try and upload a layout of it if need be…just email me at [email protected]