1816 Green Machine Newest HOF Member

Huge congratulations to Team 1816 The Green Machine for winning the Chairmans award at Detroit Champs!


Congratulations to one of the hardest working and most deserving teams in FIRST! It’s a long time coming and the newest member of the Hall of Fame is incredibly worthy. 1816 made Minnesota FRC what it is today.


Congrats to Minnesota’s first Hall of Fame team! A long time coming!



'Bout freaking time.


Most successful year for MN.
2 Einstein teams.
5 teams on divisional finals.
1 Hall of Fame team.

1816’s dream is a reality! Huge congrats


Well overdue! Congrats to all the 1816 mentors, students, alums, and their community that made this happen!

For those of us not familiar with 1816s program, can someone share some of their obviously outstanding efforts that led to their induction to the Hall of Fame? Unfortunately the speech didn’t give much detail, and their video was more focused on thematic elements than descriptive ones (although there were plenty of shots of community outreach and at least one of other teams in their shop).


To include everything, I would recommend everyone to read their essay! They have done so much


Hi there! The biggest ones in my opinion would be the introduction of FIRST to Minnesota, and the partnership between MSHSL and FRC, which led to FRC being viewed as a varsity sport in the state of Minnesota. It was one of the first states for something like that to happen in. The latter led to an exponential growth of teams in the state (last I heard it was over 200 teams? Their go to fun fact is that there are more FRC teams than varsity hockey teams in the state). They also do a ton of outreach, and really put Minnesota on the map FRC wise.


Congratulations!!! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!!


1816 has been huge on advocacy efforts on the national, state, and local level. They are frequently at the Minnesota Legislature presenting and testifying on STEM related issues.
They are also incredibly generous with their time. travelling around the state and working with many teams on a variety of topics.

Holy $#!+ it happened!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with 1816 to various degrees over my 4 years in FRC. In 2016 you rushed to our rescue when we had to remake bumpers at our regional. In 2017 and 2018 you were constantly giving us a helping hand with spare parts. And this year, 1816 was the best alliance captain I could’ve asked for AND you even helped us manufacture our new intake for champs.

Being raised in Minnetonka, I’ve always been told that I should hate Edina. But over the course of my interactions with your team, I’ve found that it’s impossible to find any reason to dislike 1816. You’re a class act of a team, on and off the field. I feel so honored to have gotten to know many of your amazing students and mentors.

Congratulations on entering the Hall of Fame and thanks for the memories. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Congratulations, y’all! We’re so glad we can be recognized with you. It’s my first time saying this… welcome to the Hall of Fame :slight_smile:


Well deserved. Anyone who’s involved with FIRST in Minnesota knows how much the crew from The Green Machine does.

congratulations on winning HoF you guys!! it was well deserved and i’m glad to call you a fellow HoF team (:

Congratultaions 1816 and welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Couldn’t think of a more deserving team. It’s been my pleasure getting to know many of students and mentors on 1816 inside and outside of FRC. 1816 will always be an inspiration for 2526. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Minnesota FIRST.

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Congratulations and welcome!

Congrats 1816! Proud to finally have some MN HOF representation. You guys do some amazing work and I’m proud to have had the privilege to compete with your team throughout my years in FIRST.

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