1836: The Ultimate Partner

At the Arizona North Regional, 1836 had a great display in Quarter Final 3 Match 3. In this match, they were able to dominate their switch, vault, and shut down 1011 Crush who was trying to grab cubes from the portal. This is the model of what alliances need in their 3rd bot. Being able to control an entire 3rd of the field allows more space for the robots doing the scale and the other switch and in this years game being able to give all 3 alliance members space is going to be very important. In addition, a robot that is quickly funneling cubes to the vault will be able to utilize all the powerups and also just placing the cubes in the vault are free points. Any team that has a robot with a solid intake and switch mechanism needs to watch this match because if your driver can play the game like 1836 did you have a great chance in elims at future events.

But 1836 isn’t a 3rd robot. If a robot can preform as well as 1836 it’s not going to be a 3rd robot without some serious sandbagging or am huge oversight in scouting by the other alliances (which does happen).

My bad didn’t mean to say 3rd robot I was just thinking a partner with a bot that can do the scale.

I was completely enamored with their simplicity and execution of not only robot but match play. I think driver practice contributed a lot to help that along. But I 110% agree - any alliance with a 1836 on them is going to benefit for reasons mentioned. Amazing robot, amazing-er team.

+1, watching 1836 and Crush battle it out on the blue switch was amazing

Those over the top intakes/outakes make so much sense this year and 1836 has an amazing one (3 in auto is ridiculous and good for ranking and own switch ownership) … I will point out though they lost that game in the first post.

That illustrates the known liability of not having a scale “own” answer in some games nor a self made double climb (3 levitate+ physical climb= 75 points and 30 points potentially less that 30 is thirty seconds more ownership equivalent.

Now they are smallish so ramp bots could help get that 30 (not a given though)

Are they the “ultimate partner” possibly, I really like 1836 and will see them in OC , they may be close to the ultimate partner as long as scale and climbs are handled by the other two, would be nice to see a challenge on the other switch too.
(which may have been done will have to review all the matches of them)

In essence its nearly a given 1836 can maintain ownership of their switch and pretty much fill the vault …so any scale effort of other two will win most matches. The pyramid is a vault worth (9) so how many more to own their switch or possibly the other switch?

I think as weeks go on and cube starvation becomes ever more of an issue , having just one cube more than the other will be a thing. Also if the vault is not filled thats points left on the field that “extra” switch cubes could have scored.

Also when will solid defense come into play? Still waiting. BIG opportunity knocking.

I envy their awesome intake as that was our downfall in SD, see you in OC soon hopefully with a much better one:)
They are ultimate an automatic entry on any top 28 in any competition anywhere even without seeing the others yet based on that video and what I know about the team alone. They rock.

I am the driver for 1836. Thank you for the complement on my driving skills. I cannot stress enough how important a lot drive practice is because it played a crucial role in our success at Arizona North. the 1836 drive team has had over 40 hours of driver practice. (Shout out to 4201 for hosting us at their practice field many times and to 3309 and 3476 for hosting a week zero event.)

Our intake also played a very big role in our success that the event. If anyone is looking for a good intake to copy or just some inspiration, I recommend checking out our robot’s CAD. (https://grabcad.com/library/frc-team-1836-2018-robot-veto-2) Having an intake that can intake cubes at any orientation and will rarely drop cubes is necessary for any robot to have fast cube cycle times.

I think defense will be very helpful in matches once more and more teams start to realize that blocking off portals is not too difficult and very valuable while you already have control of your own switch. During most of our qualification matches, we filled up the opponent’s switch to the brim in about a minute. Few teams tried to defend us or our portal. Instead, they tried to race us at their own switch, which almost never succeeded even if we were fighting for control against two robots.