1836's POWERUP Resources

Good morning Chief!

Our FRC 2018 resources are beginning to go live!

For the first time this year, we have a dedicated website for the resources.
This should hopefully improve user experience quite a bit. Please poke around at frc18.jaredhk.com.

Currently available
Scoring Calculator

  • Google Sheets version live
  • Excel coming soon
  • Helps you strategize with point values

Coming soon
Game Test

  • New system allows for mentors to request keys to view data for their team
  • 15-20 multiple choice questions


Please report bugs and suggestions in this thread. I will also update this ASAP when we have new updates/features.


The Excel version is also live now. Check it out!


The scoring calculator has an error. It should be 5 points per cube in the vault not just a single 5 point for the entire match.

Yes - correct. Just fixed a few minutes ago! Thx

Power ups added!

Good evening Chief!

Here are today’s major updates. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me troubleshoot. If you catch anything else, please let me know.

Version 1.4
-Allow for Power ups to be used
-Removed scoring for other switch which is not possible
-Fixed an error having Yes/No instead of number

Game Test should be coming out tomorrow. In the mean time, be sure to continue to check frc18.jaredhk.com for the most up-to-date content.

Have fun playing for real!

Yet another game test is out now!
Take the game test at frc18.jaredhk.com/test.

  • You can enter your team number to send your score to mentors (see below).
  • This is a 19 question multiple [STRIKE]guess[/STRIKE] choice quiz.
  • You can take it an unlimited amount of times. Question order is randomized.
  • You are told what you get wrong but not the right answers.


  • You can instruct your students to take the quiz and enter their name and number on the first screen (this is optional)
  • You can then request a key for your team which will be emailed to you with instructions
  • Once you get a key, you can lookup data from your team. Instructions can be found here and will be included in the email with your key.

A favor to ask
The key system is not perfect. This is the honor system. Please be respectful and only request the key if you are the mentor for a team. Please do not redistribute the answers. If more than one key is requested for a team, both keys will be invalidated and you will need to contact me to reactivate them. If you really want security for your team, let me know and we can make you a private sheet.

Let me know. I know there are many other quizzes out there and some of them are great. This was already in the works so it will just be yet another option. Enjoy!

Love this scoring calculator!! Definitely super useful in quick changes during team discussions because how crazy different the game is this year in terms of the time variable. Another amazing resource 1836!

A Kahoot! version is now available here!

Take it together as a team!

Thank you for sharing!

The scoring calculator I made a copy of appears to have an error I did not find in the live version. The “How many robots climbed” cell does not appear to be working correctly. Not a huge deal as the live one works.

[STRIKE]Could you please send me a screenshot?[/STRIKE]
Fixed! V 1.5 is available now. Thanks!

I pasted the image in a public google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BBWE26e4rnqjHw8eomB85HpK65ALiYjgijiO4ufRoZM/edit?usp=sharing

I hate to be a pain in the butt, but, it only gives the option of 0 robots climbing. I’m sure I could mess around with the cell and fix it, but it’s such a great resource that I feel you want it perfect!

Never mind. If you have 3 robots parked on the platform, then you can’t ALSO have robots climbing. Clever.

Was just about to respond with that :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with data validation a lot this year. Last year, an error message was spit out in an adjacent cell but now it doesn’t allow impossible situations (for the most part). Thanks for reporting.

Im starting to have issues with the spreadsheet updating. At least 2 students have come up to me this week saying they completed the test to our goal, even showing me their completed test with their name/team specified, but my spreadsheet hasnt updated in over 5 days. when i open the spreadsheet it shows its trying to update it (has a grey bar on the side thats loading) but it never changes. I went ahead and did one myself under the name “Testing the update of Google Sheets” and that one is also not appearing on the sheet.

Edit: Fixed by Jared in less than 30 minutes. Didn’t expect it to be that quick!

Can you please PM me the link to edit your spreadsheet? I’ll take a look and see what’s up. Thanks!

I have fixed it. There was a glitch on the master sheet that was skipping rows 600-1000 on the form responses - where your missing entries were found.

Should be fixed for everyone now.

Thanks for reporting!

New one, i cant see the responses anymore for students past 1/29.

I’m seeing all of these on your sheet. Are you not seeing these, or is something else missing?

Ch… /29/18 2:55:41 PM
Ch… 1/29/18 2:59:50 PM
Ch… 1/29/18 3:03:07 PM
Ch… 1/29/18 3:05:24 PM
Te… 1/30/18 10:23:14 AM
Tr… 1/30/18 3:16:29 PM
Tr…1/30/18 3:20:49 PM
Tr…1/30/18 3:23:24 PM
Tr…1/30/18 3:26:28 PM
Tr… 1/30/18 3:29:33 PM
Co… 1/31/18 12:09:03 PM
Co… 1/31/18 12:22:31 PM
Co… 1/31/18 12:27:01 PM
Co… 1/31/18 1:23:24 PM