1860 Thanks (Obrigado)


This season was amazing, and Team 1860 had the honor to work with some awesome teams.
You helped to make our season possible.
I´d like to thanks all of you. (sorry if I forget someone)

3005: All the support you gave us in both regionals and in the Championship. You guys are fantastic. Thanks for all the batteries, tools, chargers, boulders and time spent. Hope to have you always at our side.
2974: Since last year in Brazil you have always being amazing. Thanks to fight for our cause and for all the support. A Strong Partnership was born.
3481: Thanks for the batteries and all the support
234: Thanks for the batteries and chargers
1529: Thanks for the batteries and chargers
3310: Thanks for the help on regional
2451: Thanks for the support and borrowed tools
Thanks also for our lifetime partners from Brazil
383 and 1156 for always support us. It´s a mutual relation and we need to keep it strong

We also want to give a special thanks to our new sponsor that made everything possible.
THAKS NOVELIS! We are very proud to have you with us.

Thanks for all the support and for make our dream possible.
Hope to see you all next year.



It’s always a pleasure to work with your team! We hope to see you in Texas (and at Champs!) again soon.

All the best from your friends at 3005. :slight_smile:



Looking forward to seeing you guys next season!