1876 BeachBotics - The Mantis Shrimp

Meet the Mantis Shrimp


We will be attending the Palmetto Regional and the Orlando Regional.


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We will be seeing you at Palmetto. My team is 1225. Cool looking robot.

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Works fine for me on a desktop.

This robot really does look a crustacean. Nice work!

In the Palmetto Regional, we were undefeated (9 W, 0 L) in qualifying matches and seeded 2nd, behind 3824. The time for alliance picks was 30 minutes early, so we (and other teams!) were unprepared. However, we ended up with a good alliance, team 1319, Flash, and team 2059, The Hitchhikers. Sadly, mechanical errors and a battery issue resulted in 2 losses and disqualification in the final rounds.

Congrats to 3824, 1261, and 4935 for winning!

Luckily, we look forward to competing in the Orlando regional in a few weeks!

Outstanding robot and a terrific showing at Palmetto! See you in Orlando.


This thing was the real deal at Palmetto, and I look forward to sharing a field with it in Orlando!

The machine was really great for those truss shots and close goal shots. I was kind of surprised at how effective your intake and shooter were. One thing I was concerned about though was your drivetrain seemed to be bowing out (or atleast it was when I walked by your pit). I think added some sort of cross brace piece between the gearboxes, or having a frame member run under the gearboxes to keep them in plane will fix the issue.

Thanks so much for those kind words! You guys were serious competition though and we look forward to seeing you again!

Thanks! From what I have seen, Orlando will be very different than Palmetto.

Thanks. We are brainstorming ways to increase the accuracy of the shooter. Our fast-paced intake and shooting really set us apart. During our last practice match on Thursday, our 3D printed drivetrain CIM mounts broke, so the gearbox mounts bowed a bit. We spent the whole night printing a new, stronger set. Also this was our first time using a mecanum drivetrain so it wasn’t perfect.

Thanks so much, that means a lot! We wish you the best of luck in St. Louis.

1876 your team put together a great machine this year, and thanks for choosing us as a part of your alliance. Getting together on the practice field with you and 2059 practicing our assists showed the alliances true potential. Too bad we couldn’t make it happen on the field.

Wish you the best of luck in Orlando, we are headed to Georgia next.