1885's Week 1 Experiments

Here’s a video of a few of the successful things we prototyped in the first week.


The drive train seen is our Fall '08 prototype. It was meant to be a 6WD rocker that utilized an extremely simple C-Channel H-frame layout. There are 6 rover wheels on it, but only the middle two are driven. Alas, we ditched this drive train setup in favor of a more maneuverable system.

Dodgeball with moonrocks is only recommended if your students are getting restless and are throwing the balls around in the shop…

how many balls do you have? did you get them right away after the kickoff? I think that dodgeball is not an appropriate use of the orbit balls when they are broken easily and especially when other teams in the area still with only one ball. other than that your friction wheel shooter looks good and viable if you can hit a moving target from a moving platform. if you have a lathe, that is another good way to test a shooter(i.e. put your wheel thing in the lathe chuck).

Yes, we got them all kickoff afternoon. They were in the clearance bin of a local Walmart. I offered some to the Lockheed guys I work with in case there’s a glaring scarcity, but didn’t receive a response about it.

One of the other team has a pretty cool vid up of a how to on making Identical orbit balls for pretty cheap.

But good work we are still in need of some of that flooring to test out our selves.

WOAH! you got pushed SO FAR even with her on the robot!!!

thats good info…great video! Thanks!

PS: dodgeball looks fun hahaha, we bought some of the inflatable balls you can find at walmart so we don’t destroy the few orbit balls we have