19 days left, where are you?

Hello Chief Delphi,

It’s hard to believe, but we have a little over 19 days (as of February 3 2016) left to finish our robots. How are everyones teams doing? On track? Ahead? Way behind?

4905’s drive train is pretty much done, just needs a few adjustments, and our arm is very near to being done. We still need to get a lot of work done on our boulder related mechanisms, scaler(optional), and autonomous routines.

Practice robot drivetrain is done, shooter is kind of almost done, harvester and climber are a work in progress.

On the real robot, we’ve started making the drivetrain.

From a programming standpoint, we have drivetrain code, some vision code, and that’s about it.

Everybody should always be behind schedule because there’s always more to improve. 4607 is further than we’ve ever been at this point, but I want to go faster, and iterate more.

We are on schedule for the most part.

Build is beginning to assemble pieces and assures the programmers that everything is on track even though the programmers see just a pile of metal bits and bobs. :slight_smile: (programming mentor here)

Programming has most of our main code ready to go, but until it is actually wired up we can’t test everything.

Electrical has all their components and is beginning to assemble everything. I am hoping for a practice drive train the beginning to middle of next week but I am optimistic.

There are 3 schedules - there’s where you’d really like to be, where you reasonably expected to be, and where the students expected to be. In my experience, these 3 schedules never line up :slight_smile:

Our students set a really aggressive schedule this year, and as a result we’re behind right now. But we’re still on track for what the mentors wanted (which has build finishing early so we have time for programming and driver practice). We probably won’t have time to do any significant improvements at the end, but just about everything on the robot has gone through 2-4 iterations already, so hopefully that won’t be a problem!

The way things are looking, we’ll probably be around 75% functional by the end of Saturday.

We are likely ahead of where we usually are, but behind where we’d like to be…

Drivetrain is done… One manipulator is done and mounted… One manipulator is finally showing some real progress, but is still in prototyping… All other manipulators are mostly done… Programmers have lots of code to test… Drive Team is itching to drive… Practice bot is a week behind the competition bot…

We are on schedule technically based on our extremely digressive schedule making us have to have a working ready to compete robot week 3. But, way ahead of schedule IMO.

we did have the sad reality yesterday that our climber wont work while being able to go under the low bar… And, some students/mentors are coming up with some crazy new design I do not think is going to work but, we have a working robot right now so I am happy.

Team 4276 set some solid base objectives via trade studies on KickOff. We have all of our base objective mechanisms prototyped and in final production. Our optional mechanisms are looking good, too.

This is the first time in our five year history that we’ve been driving a fully functional prototype robot at the end of week 3.

Hold Strong!

I hear that ever since I joined my team, we’ve been more on schedule than any previous year (I’m choosing to ignore the possibility of coincidence).

i.e. nearly functional drive train, manipulator arm waiting to be implemented.

Behind, but not nearly as bad as last year!

We are 1 day ahead of where we expected to be pre-season, according to our Build Gantt Chart.

We have multiple catch-up days built in to strategic points of the build season to keep forecasts as reasonable as possible with as little deviations needed as necessary. If we finish on schedule, robot will be fully troubleshooted and operational Friday before Bag & Tag.

Behind schedule by about 2 12-hour sessions due to the 30" of snow (that is now nearly completely melted…).

  • Have excellent proofs of dimensions and mechanisms using plywood & 80/20, including intake --> shooter transfer and a shooter that scores consistently after being fed from the intake
  • Have prototype drive train done using the real dimensions, ready for wiring (usually would be running around by now)
  • Have no parts manufactured for the real production robot (usually drive train is done)
  • Have the most robust & detailed CAD of the entire robot we have ever had, including bolts for clearances and bolt holes so there are no second guesses during manufacturing
  • Had every part/material order delivered over the last two days
  • We will have lots of machining tools, a CNC, spare tooling and a warm-enough forecast for the weekend
  • Software has been using prototypes and “close enough” drive trains to test autonomous, implement teleop automation, learn sensors, etc.
  • Have a “Technology Roadmap” of how to elevate our level of play over the course of the competition season in the event we aren’t able to get back on schedule by BAG day.

I’m not dead yet, so there’s a plus for me. Not a plus for some, but a plus for me.

Our design team has been working super hard. However, we were caught off-guard by the Great Pneumatic Wheel Shortage of 2016.

Please Wil, you’re indisputably everyone’s favourite and no one dislikes you.

Behind, but only by about four to eight work hours on average. Boulder pickup and most of programming are on schedule, Drive train is about six hours behind. The launcher is about twelve hours behind; we’re hoping we’ve tried all the ways that don’t work and that the next one shall.

Behind schedule as usual, but in the exact opposite way this year. Superstructure completely done yet no drivetrain built…

so we have a treads built and connected, along with our shooter. The shooter works fairly well for the 6+ iterations it had.

Now this would be great, if only anything electrical was put together. We installed bumper mounts today, they also did some work on the shooter, but nothing electrical is done. We still are not sure how they will be placed! :eek:

At least software is ahead of schedule. They have driving (and i think) vision already down, they are adding some other stuff in, but im unsure of what that consists of.

We are about on track.

Prototyping is complete, All field elements built, CAD is almost complete, just little final touches being finished. One drive train is complete with electronics, manipulator just needs to be assembled and attached. The main robot should be complete sometime early next week. The second robot will be just getting started at that point.

Overall we are in pretty ok shape, could be better, could be worse.

We got our competitiondrivetrainassembled and some of our shooter mounted. It should be driving and shooting this weekend.