1918 NC GEARS 2012 Robot

Here you have it, 1918’s competition robot for the 2012 season, Pistol Pete.


  • 8WD w/ 2 CIMs per drive side
  • Wide Axis
  • 2-wheel shooter
  • 3-point shooter from the key (can score 2-pointers as well)
  • can shoot over a 60" robot
  • can push down the bridge to cross or go over the bump
  • roller arm extension to collect balls easier
  • weighs 119.5 lbs.

We’re excited to compete at Gull Lake (a new event :ahh: ), West Michigan, and Troy. Good luck to all!

I am impressed! great job guys!

Wow. Just… wow.

Nice bot. I like the huge feeder opposite the shooter. When partnered with bots like this we might feed you our 2 balls during Autonomous from behind. In theory you could have balls coming in from 2 bots (if you run your intake during auto).

How were you lining up to shoot? My team was under the impression that a robot would need some sort of vision targeting or driver station camera feed (for manual targeting) in order to shoot accurately. But it doesn’t look like you have a camera…

This is an awesome robot. Excellent job guys !!

My favorite robot of the season so far !

The roller arm has a hypnotic effect, What motor gearbox do you use for the roller arm ?

Yet another 1918 robot with a design that I hate myself for not thinking of. Can’t wait to see it play.

This looks amazing, great job on making another awesome bot!

Really great stuff from 1918 yet again. This robot is legit.

We do have a camera, it’s just tucked away inside the robot and looks up at an angle. We don’t want our drivers flying blind, you know :wink:

I really love the centering ability of the intake arm. Really well executed.

Great Robot! Got to see your bot in action last weekend at Code Red Practice Field. Fast, great scorer and great feeder bot and many more great concepts!! And thanks to Team #2771 Code Red for your hospitality again this year!! Good luck in districts to both and we will see at West Michigan districts.

Agreed, very cool. What did you use to spiral the intake roller?

I am watching this video over and over. Still highly impressed so far for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. I think you guys have really done it this time. So far, the best bot I have seen.

Looks awesome guys. Really impressive.

We spiraled a V-belt around some PVC and then screwed it in to make the threads on our roller

IIRC, we use a single BB P60 for the roller arm at a 64:1 reduction ratio. The extended arm is driven by a pneumatics tube (the orange thing) being powered by the roller claw inside the frame perimeter.

How tall is the robot at it’s highest point?

29" with the arm down, 36" with it up. He’s short lol