1918 NC Gears Swerve Chassis


Here is our 2018 off-season project:

We just got it working this week. The driver here only has about 2 minutes of total practice with swerve (although she has been driving tank robots since 7th grade). We are quite pleased with the agility and ease of driving so far.

The modules are a variation of the “Third Coast” approach pioneered by Stryke Force, but with several differences. They use a pair of 3" Colsons with central drive spindle, and the drive motor and steering drive are on separate modules. The swerve spindle is based on a Kaydon KB025XP0 bearing mounted to a machined section of 45 tooth timing belt stock that supports the drive spindle.

We wanted to make a configurable design that could be adapted to fit many different “space claims” (or should I say “Deep Space” claims) of different intakes, etc. This version uses full CIM’s above the frame, but it is possible to use other motors, and it is also possible to mount them up from below or even locate them inside the frame. Since the drive and steering is via timing belt, they can be located away from the swerve spindle in order to prevent interference with intakes or other manipulator structures. We are looking at ways to “shorten” the steering modules to put them under the protection of the bumpers.

This frame is the same size as our “Power Up” chassis. Our next step is to mount the manipulator from our practice bot on it, then do our best to drive the wheels off of it (or whatever else comes loose).


Nice swerve! Looks like there will be yet another good swerve team in Michigan this Year!


Looking good NC Gears! Hannah with a swerve drive at her command should be quite formidable. Great stuff.