1927's 2008 Robot


This is our 2008 robot it is 26"x37" and weight’s 112 lbs. it stands at 4’10"

What is the reach?

it can lift the ball up to 7’ into the air. it can knock the ball off in hybrid and put it back up on the rack


the finished version has sides and bumpers all the way around

holy huge tires.

ummm… how secure is the battery?

any videos?

we have had great success laying the battery down

pic of finished robot…


hey chad

Please tell me those bumpers are rectangular, and it’s just the photo that makes it look like you cut off the bottom leading corner. Else, you’re not done. Check <R08> very carefully.

Very nice, looks alot like ours, no its kind of freaky I mean like prefect copy…
I guess the only difference is that our tilt clynder was not regulated and destroyed our arm. But we are rebuilding it, if I can find a pretest pic ill post

Somehow, I think they are going to be rebuilding their bumpers over the next day or two. Both corners appear cut down, which is prohibited by <R08> AND the Q&A.

This aside from the fact that the robot is only finished after the last post-season, if then…

i checked it VERY carefully and found nothing. would you please explain this?

It’s not <R08> itself–it’s the Q&A responses. They are being VERY repeat VERY strict about deviation from the designs in <R08>. No lightening holes, in fact no holes other than mounting holes, are allowed (by Q&A). Also, no single-pool-noodle-high bumpers are allowed; that’s been asked too. You’ve got it single-high on teh corners, and you have (presumably) removed the backing for weight. That’s a mighty big hole… and it isn’t for mounting purposes.

Again, it’s Q&A about the rule, not the rule itself. There are three pages on robot safety. Almost every post is about bumper design.

It seems that it is allowed in the Q&A here:

These aren’t curved bumpers. They’re straight bumpers that have had a bottom corner removed.

Then again if you look here it may not be:

I’ll keep looking

And right here it is plainly spelled out as a NO


Good luck 1927! :frowning:

It is in <R08>. There are many additional Q&A about it, however:

<R08> STANDARD BUMPERS must use 3/4 inch plywood backing 5 inches tall as the bumper structure to attach the bumper (“pool noodles”) to the ROBOT.

The bumpers pictured are not “5 inches tall” on the ends as required by <R08> and would not be allowed.