193 MORT Beta - The Killer Rabbit

MORT Beta is super excited to join our fellow MAR reps this year at worlds!

This year our Killer Rabbit will be competing (most appropriately) on Hopper!



-8-wheel drive, 6-CIM (9.6:1), 6" WCP pneumatic tires
-Breach Bot - Can navigate all defenses quickly
-Rotary arm featuring “Pointy Teeth” - used to catch drawbridge and extend height to block shots
-Low Goal - Can cycle 6+ balls while knocking out 3 defenses
-Scaling Capable - Any face of tower
-Auto Modes for Type A, D and Low bar

Can’t wait to swim with the big fish at Worlds!

Don’the forgot to mention the googly eyes who’s function is…uhh…intimidation?

The teeth are for intimidation. The googly eyes are for just for googlin’ :slight_smile:

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Avoid the Holy Hand Grenade and play on Beta!

I do love my googlin’

Excited to see 193 kill it on the field!! Best of luck!

IS this the Rabbit of Caerbannog, it looks like a fierce beast.
Good look in the next few days.
Quick look we are never on the field at the same time, how can that be?

Does this answer your question…

We thought Killer Rabbit would be funnier (and easier to spell!)

Good luck to you guys also!