195 Preview Video

After some time of debugging our 4 speed transmissions, we finally got the bot up and running today. We still need to mount our “competition” gripper; the one in this video is missing pieces. Heres a little video…

195 Preview

Very effective…

Very nice bot overall. Great job 195

… On a side note, Thanks a ton Tom & Matt for all the help you have offered to me through out the season.

good job putting that together tom… love the music :wink:

Nice job with the robot and those transmissions! :slight_smile:

I liked how you shoved your old robot out of the way. What gear/range were you in when you did that?

The robot was in 1st (low gear) when we were pushing the old robot and the kid in the video. Last night, however, we were shifting it in sequential manual mode and we were running our slick practice treads on a waxed gym floor. Today we have our automatic shift scheduler working and in competition we will be running sticky rubber treads on carpet. As for speeds we’re looking at about 13FPS in 4th gear and maybe ~3FPS in 1st. Anyone like the fishtails? :smiley:

How does it work on carpet, there is a lot less friction on the wood floors, therefore easier turning, i hope you have tried it on carpet this way you can figure out any problems with your system, but with that said…

very nice job and i hope it does well.

Team 612

Yeah we’ve used the tracks for five years running now with no problems to speak of…and insane traction. Happy ship-eve everyone…see you on the playing field.

it looks like it tilts a little

If by tilt you mean the rocking back and forth of the drivetrain…well im pretty sure some of that is intentional. You can see the middle idler there and its probably lowered a bit to give them a good turning radius…great job guys I love the 4 speed tranny!

The tracks have no issues whatsoever as far as turning on carpet. That is because the idler(the middle wheel is set down aproximately 5/8" to help in turning so that only half of the track is touching the ground at once, thus reducing lateral friction on the tracks and also reducing wear on the carpets, tracks, transmissions, motors, batteries, etc. The 4 speed auto is now fully functional! Its awesome, I would like to extend the congratulations to Stephen and Josh for building/designing the trannies and Dave and Tom for writing the code in which to acheive the correct shift points. Awesome job guys!

Chris is right about most of the stuff he said about the tracks except the 5/8" droop on the center wheel. It’s only .250" lower than the mains. This does two things for us; gives us a zero turn radius and also increases our traction when pushing someone as the robot rocks backward, and digs in with the section of track touching the ground. Thanks for everyones input!!