1983 Needs Help Quickly


We are rookie team 1983 and we are in dire need of funding for the championship in Atlanta. We received the imagery award at the Pacific Northwest Regional in Portland, the Rookie Allstar Award in Las Vegas and won the Las Vegas Regional. We are double qualified to attend the FIRST Championship in Atlanta, but we are very short on funds and only have a few days to raise over $20,000 and tell FIRST if we are able to attend.

If you or anyone you know (such as your team, neighbors, friends, businesses, etc) would be willing to support us, we would be much humbled by your gracious professionalism. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you for your gracious professionalism and good luck to all.

—Team 1983

we had some money and we werent able to qualify to go. Congradulations on winning all those awards and the competition as a rookie team. You deffinitly deserve to go. I will talk to me team as soon as I can and see if we can help you get some money.

Pick a day to go around to any local businesses. Explain the situation and ask for some financial support. I’m sure companies will be more willing to give funding to teams who have actually earned the right to go to Atlanta than those who really haven’t.

One thing we’ve found to be successful is what we call “tagging”. It involves sitting in front of a local grociery store and asking for small donations. Students spend the morning at a table with lolly-pops with stickers we had printed out and a bucket for cash.
We would make 600-700 dollars.

$20K sounds like a lot. I know $5000 of it is registration, but still. 57 was planning to spend about $8K for traveling and food plus the $5K for registration. We manage this by taking as small a group as we can. So your fundraising might be more successful if you start with a smaller goal and if you reach that, then you can aim for the larger goal.

It may be easier for you since your team is in Texas, but we are in Washington, and airfare is a lot more expensive to go due to the fact that we are farther away and we have little time. We are consolidating as much as we can with our team and taking only the essentials, but as my teammate has said up above, there is only so much we can do. Thank you for your ideas in advance.

-Zach Wydick
Team 1983 President/Human Player

Sorry, hadn’t looked enough to see that airfare is twice as expensive for you guys. Our team doesn’t have enough funding in our usual budget to travel to championships either. However, if we earn our right to enter, we can usually make arrangements with our school district and sponsors to give enough extra money to send our team. You might try approaching your school administration about it.

No worries. Thanks for the advice, we’ll try that. Does anyone else have any other ideas?

-Zach Wydick
Team 1983 President/Human Player

Do you guys have a major sponsor? We went threw the same thing about 3 weeks ago. What ended up happening is one of the parents went to regionals, loved the program, and being the President of the company, got the parent company called Alstom to sponsor us. They’re big in the train world. Xerox also gave or loaned us a large sum of money for Atlanta. Start talking to companys. It’s the only way in a short period of time where your going to get the money. You can fundraise and earn it all back later.

unfortunately we have no major sponsors, and everything has been mostly done by parent sponsorship as well as smaller donations from some companys.

Thank you for your time

-Team 1983

This may be a long shot but if you were able to ask a local Congressperson (you’re located in D.C. right?) but maybe they will have some ideas. It might be a little easier because of Dean’s “homework” this year. I know that it is nearly impossible but hey, you built a robot in 6 weeks, so you can do anything. Sorry if this doesn’t help. Good Luck! Hope to see you in Atlanta.

Seems like Easterners forget about Washington being the name of a state (as well as the national capital). They’re in Seattle, Washington, not Washington, D.C.

Whoops! My bad. Then I guess my idea doesn’t work too well. But yeah, when I here Washington, I think of D.C. first.

Why couldn’t it work? It worked in this case. :slight_smile:

Hey I’m from error code. Our team is trying to find funding as well, though most of it will come out of pocket, unfortunately for our parents. Hopefully this week we can go around to local businesses and be like… hey… we won, could you do us a huge favor and sponsor us last minute? Plane tickets are so expensive (my family even opted to drive to vegas from portland, whew) and ditto for all the hotel / food / other spending. And if the going around to local businesses for last minute sponsorship doesnt work, I would try a community fundraiser, like a carwash or something? Though that doesn’t get $20k…

Anyway, best of luck to you, you were awesome at the competitions, you deserve to go to atlanta so much! Though if you don’t get to go, you can always start funding for next year!

Thanks SBass and we hope to see you guys at nationals!

Good Morning.
You need to come up with a game plan today and divide up your tasks. You need to put on your team jersey and walk into the following
A.) Television station studio
B.) Newspaper office
C.) Microsoft

Print up flyers that you have EARNED the trip and need the funds. These flyers go in the windows of all businesses in town.

Our bank does a program for the local food bank- customers can pay a dollar for a white plate, five dollars for a green plate, etc., write their name on the plate, and the plate gets hung up in the bank (also popular at Christmas time using ornaments on a tree). Ask your local businesses to do the same thing.

Run a carwash this weekend.
Run an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend asking your local chain stores to donate the materials you need. At the hunt hold a raffle (use a gaming license of a local civic group)
Ask the local Bingo Hall to hold a Special Easter Weekend Bingo session to help you out.
Do a “Youngster Night” this Friday- send flyers home with younger school kids that there is a babysitting/movie night. Your team watches the kids and keeps them entertained and the parents get a night out. You can hold it at school, church hall, wherever you can get quick permission.

After you are in the paper, and people are aware of your situation, Get out to the grocery store and help people load their groceries for tip money; it’s a holiday weekend and they are grocery shopping. Stay polite and practice your gracious professionalism.

Set up all of these things then go back to your media and advertise them.
Make sure all of your material and conversations are professional and clear. There should be no gray areas; take a mentor with you to all meetings and walk ins.

There is a campground outside of Atlanta, Stone Mountain(?) that may have cabins cheaper than hotels in the downtown area.

Find a team in the Atlanta area that can put you in touch with a church, VFW, or Ruritan Group that will let you bunk in their hall; usually the ladies auxillary will cook for you.:smiley: Better yet, ask your local churches for a contact church in the Atlanta area. You’ll have to pack your sleeping bags and will have a great time roughing it.

Contact the local rental agency about a cargo van; fly your core team down and then have the rest arrive on Thursday by vehicle. Divide your team up into smaller groups. Airline fees can sometimes work in reverse, they can lower the cost if you only need a handful of seats. And check with all the airlines that fly out of your area; you can send a few on one carrier and a few on another. It’s a patchwork of logistics but it may work.

Post the number of students, male/female, and the number of mentors so if someone is browsing and can help, they have an idea of what you need.

You will get so much more out of this experience by working towards it your selves and not having it handed to you. You can do this. You need to compile all your ideas and assign duties, one or two people doing everything won’t work. Again- You can do this.

See you in Atlanta.
Shelbo’s Mom

Thank You so much for this, we will get on most of them immidiatly…

-Team 1983

Hey, it’s me from error code again. Looks like we’re doing okay for funding, we did an interview with a local news station and we’re speaking at the city council meeting to ask for more money tonight. Our main sponsor also has given us more money. Try what others have suggested and good luck!!

One fundraising idea that, theoretically, our team was thinking of using to get a quick $23,000 was to go to the Chamber of Commerce and get a list of businesses from them. With 230 something businesses in our town, if we could get each of them to just donate 100$ then that’s $23,000. With the awards you guys got, it shouldn’t be too hard to get that much money!

Thank you all so much for your advice. It was just confirmed a couple of minutes ago that our PTSA gave us $10,000! This cuts the cost drastically, enough that our entire team can afford to chip in the rest. Thanks for the advice and good luck teams!

-Zach Wydick
Team 1983 President/Human Player