1986 2-Ball Autonomous

Can’t wait to see you guys at champs! Beautiful machine as always.

I was waiting to see how many teams will have a two ball auto at champs! That looks awesome!

Looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person.

What is your number of auto modes now? 26?

Assuming this is the only one they’ve added, and haven’t taken any others out, this would be 28. Can’t say I’ve ever actually tallied up how many they’ve used though…

Looking great as always, and good luck at St. Louis! Now y’all just gotta work on your hang shot… :rolleyes:

1986 has so much code they must be getting to the weight limit!

In all seriousness, I am super impressed. Titanium’s programming is the envy of all teams worldwide.

Interesting concept to throw out the loaded ball and get the one off the line. Makes the thrown out ball closer, making the timing right on. Can’t wait to watch you in St Louis.:]

Don’t all of the 2balls do this?

This is the only way I’ve seen it done as well.

Awesome work!

I’d like to see IRI allow shooting from the neutral zone but only during autonomous. Then we could see >2 boulder autonomous and boulder wars.

Impressive work, guys! I expected this to be something you were working on, and glad to see you were able to succeed. Hope divisions are kind and we can finally get that chance to share the same side of the glass. Either way, looking forward to seeing you again in St. Louis!

I assumed it was more so another team couldn’t steal the second ball away as easily.

There is a MN team that already has an auto for this. #7ballauto? :smiley:

I think the logic is that intaking the dropped ball is way easier that legally intaking the ball on the midline (after the first shot).

I don’t think I’ve seen a single team line up their robot in front of their opponent’s secret passage, nor have I seen any counter-autonomous modes just to stop that one ball from being scored. After all, the crossing points they lose is equal to the points they deny in the two ball auto routine anyway. It is definitely done this way to require less accuracy and less chance of a penalty after the first ball is scored.

Congratulations to another team that’s been able to make the two-ball!! Hope you can make it work at CMP too.

This is definitely the reason all two-ball teams drop their starting ball to score the midline ball first.

Tall robots with high powered turrets and fast intakes and ball transportation from intake -> shooter would be perfect for this. And it would make defense selection interesting :smiley:

Very impressive! I have a question though. How is this accomplished? Is it simply that ball ends up in nearly the same place every time, or is it using some sort of shape-tracking software to locate the ball? I assume, based on the straight path of the robot, that it is the former, but I wanted to be certain. Good job guys, and keep up the great work!

Yes, the ball drop and roll against the wall is very consistent in where it comes to a stop. Ours usually roll to a stop within an area about 18 inches square.