1986 Robot POV Video

Here’s a nifty robot POV video from the Greater Kansas City Regional, quarterfinal 1-2. Taken at 1080p with a GoPro camera.

Don’t watch this if you have a tendency towards motion sickness. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, what made you guys choose going to the feeder station over picking up off the ground during teleop?

Its faster, and a more reliable supply. If you notice in this video, there are not nearly enough floor discs to supply us.

You can see the outstanding driver skill just by the fluidity of the video!

I love how quick they stop, aim and shoot. If I didn’t know better I’d think they were using magic.

I believe he’s stopped now, but Cameron certainly used to be a big Magic player. :smiley:

Jay still plays though.


Wow, that was impressive.

I’d like to use that as a training video for our drivers to see how it’s done correctly. We have a tendency to like to stay to see our shots go in when, in fact, you should be on your way after the shot leaves the bot.
Great machine, driving and video!!!

That wasn’t even 1986’s best match :yikes:. I count 75 pts from discs and a 20 point climb, and they scored over 100 points more than once during quals.

Thanks for sharing this. In addition to enjoying seeing what that looked like from the robot perspective, I loved the neat view of 1806 climbing, and 1982’s net and fan defense (in the down position).

Here’s what it looked like from the outside (match starts at 3:08), courtesy of more.net.

The camera is on the other alliance during autonomous, but in addition to 1986’s contribution, 1806 shot two discs into the 4-point goal, and 2457 went 2 for 3 into the high goal. During that match, 1982 was able to use their extendable net and fan combination to shut down 1806’s full court shooter. Since they couldn’t make full court shots, 1806 climbed for 20 and dumped 4 discs into the pyramid instead :eek:, and 1810 executed a 50 point climb/dump for blue.

AMAZING. How were you guys lining up shots? Also, were you using a microphone on your GoPro, or is it stock? The audio is really good :smiley:

Shots are lined up based on hours of driver practice. The goal is wide enough we didn’t need to slow the drivers response time down by taking his eyes off the field.

As far as I know there was no extra microphone.

Definitely one of the best robots I’ve seen this season, and amazing execution of a great design!

This is awesome. I’ve seen these GoPro videos from 2809 and 1902 and it really give you a great perspective on the game and shows you how good these teams’ drivers really are. I’ll try and convince the 610 students to do one on Practice day at Waterloo if we have the time :cool:

I think it was 105 total but who’s counting. :smiley: Yes there were some better matches, we only filmed a few.

I’d like to use that as a training video for our drivers to see how it’s done correctly… Great machine, driving and video!!!

I am glad it is recognizable as great driving and not just a good robot. The robot has potential in its basic functionality, much of which is the same as many other robots. It is the two pilots that make it sing, without them it’s just $40 worth of aluminum.

That is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. The driving is amazing.

That’s the count I got too. I’m not sure what our “best” performance was. We think we can get to 122 consistently by champs (42 auto, 60 teleop, 20 climb). The machine will climb to 30 depending on how much time is left after the 5th set of discs. I know we could get a 6th set of discs if we risked not climbing at all and only faced light defensive pressure.