1986 Robot Reveal for 2017

Meet Athena, our robot for 2017 Steamworks.


Does anyone know what’s up with the double wheels? What’s the value added here? More traction? More resistance to lateral pushing?

It’s about time y’all posted a reveal; I’ve been wanting to talk about this robot for ages.

Amazing robot as always!

I’m sure I have the same question as everyone else, what is with the double mecanums? It’s fascinating and I am really curious to hear the reasoning behind it!

8 mecanum wheels =/= octocanum… sorry

Totally neat! What are the omni wheels used for and why is one front/back while the other is left/right?

Don’t worry, it looks like they just installed their vectored intake wheels on the bottom of their robot by mistake.

But seriously 1986, what a great job you’ve done with this machine. The 58-ball auton was the first thing that really floored me this season, and the whole robot is there to back it up. If there’s one team and one robot that can take the plunge and break through the mecanum stigma, it might be this one.

You guys have been one of my favorite teams to watch right from my first year in FRC and I don’t expect that to change this year.

Follower wheels for drive base encoders I assume. Can’t stick em on the actual mecanum wheels because it won’t necessarily track the lateral movement so one in each direction.

They are for encoders. That way they can measure both X and Y displacement. They are mounted on the lexan so that they are sprung into the ground so they never lose traction.

Very unique robot 1986, can it do the blue side boiler auto?


It’s too bad you won’t get picked for elims by any smart team because of those mecanum wheels. :rolleyes: Better make sure to get the pressure ranking point every match to assure that you’ll be doing the picking.

Who needs blue side auto when you are first seed at every event :cool:

Super solid robot. Love it!

Can’t wait to see this thing at Midwest and 7 Rivers!

I think this might be the best robot with a vectored intake wheel drivetrain ever. Good job from your friends across the state in the Cyborg Cats.

Freaking awesome!

A plunge it was.

We did upside-down electronics in 2014, I love the idea.


Love the shooter… Looks like it’ll get 90 kpa counted in auto.

Nice simple robot as usual. The blender is great!

What is the rational for using 8 mecanum wheels instead of 4? Have you tested the drivetrain with just 4 wheels for comparison?

The climber gearbox kinda looks like the Banebots KOP drivetrain planetary transmission from 2007, it gave me horrid flashbacks.

Be sure to bring your floaties!


This robot will either be remembered as the first time mecanums were used successfully in a real FRC game, or the last time 1986 ever used mecanums.