1986 Team Titanium 2013 Reveal

Technical Specs
8-wheel (4 center 6" traction, 4 corner 4" omnis.) Modified AM-001 Shifters. Chain driven.
VEXPro wheels, omnis, bearings, hubs, sprockets, hex shafts. Custom chassis, .090 aluminum.

Drivetrain - 4 CIMs
Shooter - 1 CIM + 1 Mini-CIM
Climb Hoist - 4 RS-550s
2 Servos

7 actuators - 2 shifters, 2 arm, 2 shooter position, 1 disc feed. 5 valves.

Shooter: Hybrid arc + linear booster, 2-6" Skyway kit wheels. Stacked magazine feed. 4 shot angles.

Aiming camera

Control Language: LabView

Weight: 114 lbs.

Performance Specs
High speed 13.5 fps, low speed 5.25 fps.
Floor feed: Spatula style lift, single disc or 2 discs simultaneously.
Slot feed: Middle slot, 2.5 seconds
Passes under pyramid in shooting configuration
4 disc shots: 2.2 seconds
4-disc set full cycle time: 17 seconds
Autonomous: 7 discs in top goal. Other modes 3 to 5 discs to accomodate partners or acquire center court discs.
Climbing: 10-point: 2 seconds. 20-point: 11 seconds. 30-point: 21 seconds.

We compete Week 1 in Hub City, Week 3 in Greater Kansas City, and Week 5 in Oklahoma City.

Congratulations to all FRC teams for completing your build and best of luck at your events!

Nice! Amazing robot as always.

That’s one HOT looking robot. When it was revealed all I could say was wow.

Man. Epic… 0.o

Love it. 1986 always produce one of my favorite robots year after year.

This amazing, to be able to do nearly everything in such a simple elegant design is just amazing. 21 sec 30 point climb is amazing.

wow! that is a elegant design. The 30 point climber caught me by surprise.

You guys mind to tell the reason for the arm shiver before and after going to the corner to load?

The arm clears momentarily when the shooter shifts position.

Slick robot. With all of your robots you have a tenancy to reduce every component of the game into the simplest assembly of mechanisms, I love it!

Awesome…just awesome. I feel lucky to have seen it in person. I was especially impressed to see that 30 point climb happen so fast. See you at the K.C. regional!

We should be well practiced by the time we get to KC. :wink:

Looks good guys! I like the pick up arm for autonomous and sick climber too. Good work!

Great looking machine, for sure. The most revealing detail from the video: they didn’t bother to put reflective tape around the 2-pt goal. Evidence of a mindset that accepts only tiptop performance.

Awesome robot guys! We were so amazed to see this in person. We can’t wait to see it in action in KC. Thanks again for helping our rookie team!

You guys were great to work with. Always a pleasure to help our rookie friends have a great first season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see you playing on Saturday afternoon with the quality of ideas and workmanship you have already shown us.

Solid robot.

killer robot

Agreed! Shades of HOT’s '12 uber-arm! :slight_smile:

Crazy. It was amazing at the Open House, but this reveal video just blew everything out of the water…#datclimb