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This is my first try into printing something non technical. IDK if this belongs in this category but I couldn’t find one that feels more applicable. This is also the first print in PLA on the Chiron which has a .8 Nozzle think I got to up the extrusion rate and overlap a bit. Anyway we have that logo and had it in an inventor file and STL. So I raised some of the features to turn it into a relief and then sliced it and then took the Gcode and edited it and inserted M25 (Pause SD card Print) at the appropriate places then loaded up the first color, ran it till it stopped and changed Filament (The Chiron is single nozzle/Single color) and then sent an M24 from the Pronterface Console to resume the paused print and the result is this

once I get the flow rate settled I make one that covers the whole 400x400 buildplate by scaling it by a factor of 1.8 in the X and Y But the smaller size prints faster and only uses about 80 G of filament. We did that cause - well we 3DP and figured its better to stick that to the side of our robot or to the wall in the pits than the piece of paper with the logo printed on we used to have - cause - well we do 3DP - a lot.

Printed in Zyltech PLA (gray and Gold) at 220C nozzle 65 bed on an Anycubic chiron with a Volcano Hotend and a .8 nozzle .4mm layer height 5 perimeters 0 solid layers on the bottom 4 on top (PLA sticks a little too well to the plate and also likes to warp on bigger solid pieces. Outside perimeters .88mm inside perimeters 1.3 infill 1mm and 10%. I might try to maybe do 1 or 2 more in PLA and if the quality does not get much better (there are pin holes) after I play a bit with extrusion multiplier and overlap I go do one in ABS which usually comes out Nicer. Would love to do that in HIPS but currently HIPS is only available in white.


The team changed the design a bit and we might make those with “Mentor”, “Coach” etc in place of Sponsor (Sponsor of course when handing them to a sponsor)

To reduce warping I printed it with 0 bottom layers

So you have the grid infill on the back. Starting to get the PLA dialed in on this printer. Got to find some use for the PLA we got donated to us lol


Neat, when changing colors did you have to add a “wipe” line on the side to clear the nozzle? I’ve yet to try changing colors mid print but it seems cool.

That is a little work in process. The Chiron is a single color printer. So I slice it and then maually edit the Gcode. We are using PLA that was donated to us as part of the PPE effort - got to do something with it downside is that the Blue prints well at 220 the gold at 205 and the gray needs 225. So for example at Layer 6 we go from Blue to gold so I go to layer 6 which is where Z changes to 3.00mm and insert
M104 S205 ; That changes the temperature
M25 ; That stops the SD print and lifts the Nozzle 20mm
Then I go and remove the Blue Filament , clean up some leakage, cover the print with a piece of paper, Load the Gold filament and push it manually through the extruder until gold comes out the Nozzle, Clean the nozzle with a brush (guess thats the wipe operation lol), Then remove the printer go into pronterface which I connected before the print started from the SD and Send
M 24 .; That resumes the print after lowering the nozzle 20mm again.
And repeat that for each color change.

If you look from the side you can see that it always is a block of layers that have the same color. So that is why the logo is in relief as each color needs its set of layers. That is how team 1989 does multi color with a single color $ 400 (Anycubic Chiron) Printer

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