1989 Off season alphas

Here some alpha designs in pdf format. IPT/STL on demand or when it has been found working or to be abandoned. All are currently being printed and readied for test.

Axle holder for unpowered wheel Modified from the toughbox mini design by a student

AxleHolder_HexShaft.pdf (4.5 MB)
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Toughbox Mini holder designed with a student with a lot of handholding

href=“/uploads/default/original/3X/e/7/e7e15c5934e01fe962a1d8381baba3db6d7ef087.pdf”>ThoughboxMiniHolder_V2.pdf (4.8 MB)
frame2020V2.pdf (257.5 KB)

Above piece is 53.4mm square and is currently being concatenated in all kinds of shapes and lenghts. The square holes will take a 3/4 in square stock of a material of your choice. Printed in HIPS PETG or Nylon. The holes are clearance for 8-32

The Toughbox mini/axle holders also take either 3/4 in or 1/2 in square support .

This is a rack - designed by a student with lots of questions (I got to make a better rack youtube video I guess)

Racik2020large_10.pdf (452.0 KB)’

its 267mm long (53.4 x 5) and close to the longest we currently can print. It takes a 1/2in square as reinforcement in the center holes are for 8-32. Its a much beefier version of last years rack. we intend to use it to push or pull up the robot with it. Herring bone double rack so you can have a pinion on each side to cancel out rack deflection. 14,5 deg pressure angle so we will use a pinion >-19 tooth to keep undercut to a minimum.

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