1992 Match videos at Battlecry

I managed to get my hands on a video with some of our 1992 matches, including the finals. My question is if anyone who is going to be voluntering at this weekends Battlecry would be able to play these on the big screen. I am sure that everyone would love to see how Maize Craze was played and what some robots looked like.
Some other robots that I was able to identify were present teams 111, 131, 190, and 126 of course.
please let me know if this can be made possible as an extra “Feature” to the growing list of activities/events. (It’s on a VHS if anyone wanted to know)
please give me your thoughts/opinions on this as to if you would all enjoy it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I think 111 started in 1996 not 1992 but im not sure.

From what I remeber being told it was students from Wheeling High and Motorolans for that year, and the next year that they competed was 96- the begining of wildstang.

Also, if theres anyway you can get those matches online that would be amazing.

yup, MATT is right. I saw it today, and i remember exactly that a teacher had pointed out that the team from Wheeling High and Motorolans were now wildstang.

And as for getting the matches online…I am going to see if the people at Battlecry can record it as part of their webcast so that it can be seen by everyone. :smiley:

Motorola did sponsor a team in 1992, but then stopped until 1996. Several of the mentors on the 1992 team went on to be mentors on what is now team 111, so at the very least the 1992 team and Wildstang are closely related.

Is there any chance of digitizing it and putting it on the intarweb so those of us who are unable to attend can view them?

Devin, if you can get me a copy of the tape(s) @ BC, i can digitalze them and host them on my webspace…

Thanks - That sounds great!

Bring the tape and we’ll play it in between matches or over lunch. I’ll make sure that we have a VHS deck for our system.

The videos will also end up on the webcast for anyone watching remotely.

Brad Miller
BattleCry@WPI 5 Staff

I’ll stop by and give you a copy @ BC.
Thanks Dez, you’re awesome!