1M1011 Camera help

I have been trying to get the camera to show up in the driver station feed for about a week now, but it is still not showing up. I am using C++ and have opened up the camera declaration, I have set up the Axis camera using the tool, and tried both the second cRIO slot and the router configuration. I can view the camera in a web browser if I navigate to, but still cannot see it on my driver station. I have set up the camera multiple times to verify it is using the FRC username and password, but no luck.

I appreciate the help, this issue has been the roadblock to finishing our vision tracking.

I have no problem seeing the camera image in the Dashboard on my laptop. However, our programming lead student couldn’t for the longest time. Yesterday, he finally got it to work by accident. He installed LabView. Since we use C++, we generally do not install LabView. But I suspect when he first installed all the software, he probably missed a step or two. Although we do not use LabView, we still need to install some National Instrument tools and utilities that are located in the credit card USB flash drive that also contains LabView. I suspect, he missed some part of that install. You may want to look into that direction.

BTW, are you using the old Dashboard or the SmartDashboard? For SmartDashboard, you need to go into the camera’s web page to enable “anonymous viewing”.

If you are using SmartDashboard, mikets hit the nail on the head for what killed ours for a while after a hard reset. :slight_smile:

The other one is that on the first use of the SmartDashboard, you’ll need to goto view->Edit mode … and then after adding the camera via add->Camera, you should right-click on the pink camera rectangle and select “properties”.

In that dialog box, put your team number. Otherwise, SmartDashboard doesn’t know which IP address is your camera. Once you tell it your team number (or was it IP address directly) – well anyway - you’ll see it in the properties page. If it’s an IP address, fill in 10.te.am.11 ( for you) and you’re all set if it’s team number (‘te’ and ‘am’ are your team number…but you knew that already I think) :wink:


I just installed the driver station on the programming laptop we use (which has LabVIEW), and I got a camera feed. I installed the LabVIEW runtime enviornment before, and I guess that doesn’t substitute for actually installing it. Thanks for the help.

What is the difference between the regular dashboard and the smart dashboard? I have the one that is posted on usfirst.org, I’m assuming this is the smart dashboard.

You shouldn’t need all of LV, but you will need the vision libraries and runtime. I thought there was a utilities install that was intended for this. Was that what you were running?

Greg McKaskle

You might need to modify the default dashboard in order to see the camera there. I think there was a post on CD about how to modify it specifically to see the camera.
Also, can you get the camera image in the code, even if you can’t on the DS? If that’s true, it may just be the DS that can’t connect for some reason, given everything else you said was working.

No, you don’t need to modify the Dashboard to see the camera image. As long as you followed the software installation instructions correctly and has all the necessary pieces installed (National Instruments Tools and Utilities including the Vision library), the only thing you need to do is to configure the camera correctly regarding its IP address (10.xx.yy.11) and set the accts correctly (user: FRC, password: FRC, enable anonymous viewing if you use SmartDashboard). The last thing to do is to tell the Dashboard the IP address of your cRIO (10.xx.yy.2).

In regards to the SmartDashboard versus the regular one, take a search for SmartDashboard here on the forums and also goto firstforge - at wpi - and you’ll find the smartdashboard project and its associated installers if you’re interested in using it. It has a MUCH better method of displaying values, charts, graphs, fuel-gauges, and text along with the camera. Really a slick item. Can’t live without it now!


I have the IP address configured but it’s still not showing up. Do I need to add C++ code to the robot side to get and send images back to the Dashboard?

Which dashboard are you using? The “stock” one or did you install the java-based SmartDashboard?

A) Open a web browser while the station is on, the robot is on, and the camera is on/plugged in etc – to 10.xx.yy.11
For team=2522
For team=123
You should see a user interface for the camera. If it asks for login information, use FRC as the username and FRC as the password (all caps).

If you are able to see the above web page, you’re doing quite well. If not, then there’s a configuration or connectivity issue. Report back on this.

B) If you’re using the smartdashboard, please note that it requires the use of “anonymous viewing” to be enabled on the camera. I am at work and so I cannot lead you directly through this. However, look in video setup and a few of the other setup pages and CHECK the box that says allow anonymous viewing. Then SAVE the changes.