1st annual FRC RUV Comp



After seeing the thread about the best robot unveiling videos found here…

I felt inspired to challenge all FRC teams active on this forum to make a robot unveiling video for 2011. Welcome to the first annual Robot Unveiling Video Competition (RUV Comp).

Here are some rules…

  1. You must clearly display your team number and name/logo (if you have one) at some point in your video.
  2. You must show some part of the building/designing process (drilling, prototyping, CAD, assembling, etc).
  3. You must show your robot performing some or all of the main aspects of the 2011 FRC game.
  4. You must have some sort of background music.
  5. The video must be between two and three minutes in length.
  6. You must post your video by the first set of regional events.
  7. Any other creative ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

When you’re done, come back to this thread (which you may want to bookmark or add to your favorites on your web browser) and post the link to your video. I recommend you use YouTube to put it up for viewing, but other video streaming sites are just fine. When the deadline arrives, I’ll post a poll for the best video. The winning team will receive an image file badge to post on their website.

Please know that this challenge is not about which team’s robot is the best, but rather, which team can present it the best.

I’m hoping that if this becomes a thing on the Chief Delphi forums, the leaders of FIRST and FRC will actually make it an official award in future years. For now, this is the best I can do.

If you need inspiration, here are my three favorite robot unveiling videos from last year. They don’t necessarily meet all the criteria set above, but they are a good guide to making your video interesting and exciting.

Robowranglers (148): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hTyXQUgYLE&feature=related
Aero Squadron (39): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5vBpImX8Ds&feature=related
Robonauts (118): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqVVCRmXdiE

Also, for those of you having an “open” FRC season this year as described on this thread…

You can still enter! The fact that you gave details about your robot and its development earlier on doesn’t mean you can’t make a cool video about the end result. Go for it!

Good luck everyone…

Start your cameras!


One more thing,

 So that I can get an idea of how many people would be interested in participating, if you know for sure you and your team want to do this this season, please say so below.



I’m pretty set on making one this year anyway, so why the hell not. I’m in.

(change the requirement of 2 - 3 minutes to 1-5 minutes and you’ll get more responses)


This sounds fun, I’ll see if my team’s interested!



I’m doing my best to make a robot video this year. I started planning it out in early december, and plan on taking pictures throughout the season. However, robot functionality comes first so it really comes down to if there is time to film it.
I’m going to leave it with a probably.


If I can get approval from the team, I’m in!


The video length restriction has been changed from 2-3 minutes to 2-4 minutes.

The official competition page can be found here: http://suburbots2115.wordpress.com/ruv-comp/

Keep telling me if you’re in.


Didn’t realize that you were giving out prizes. I thought it was more of a “just a fun” thing to get more teams to showcase their robots. I was actually planning on making more of a “sponsor video” or a video that showcased our build season and robot which we could give to all of our sponsors. I’m planning for this video to be a bit over 5 min so I guess I’m back out of the running. I’ll most likely still put it on CD though for everyone to check out…

Best of Luck, Bryan


Didn’t realize that you were giving out prizes. I thought it was more of a “just a fun” thing to get more teams to showcase their robots.

Hold on, I’m giving the winner an electronic badge and recognition on our site. If you can call that “prizes”, ok, but don’t think I’m mailing gift certificates and trophies.

As for “just for fun”, as far as I know, it is! And yes, I am trying to get more teams to showcase their robots.


Ok, understood. Thanks for clairfying.


No more joiners? Or is everyone waiting until after kickoff to think about it?


Sounds like fun, I’m in :smiley:


As week 3 comes to a close, I would like to declare video submission officially open! I hope the Robonauts (118) will be one of the first teams to join this contest. They usually submit a really cool video of their FINISHED robot around week 3 :eek: (man, those guys are fast)…

As for the rest of you, start taking shots of your machines and their production so that you too can join the first annual RUV Comp.

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. I know the build season is intense to the very end for most teams, but I expected at least one video submission by now. Especially considering I’ve seen a few unveiling videos showing practically complete robots on YouTube lately. Can I have a few submissions? The deadline is only 14 days away (March 3rd)!



I will have a video of team 1716 up in the next week. Can I include the evolution of our minibot?


I don’t see why not :slight_smile: . Just make sure your your video stays within the limits and has all other necessary components.


I’m embarrassed to have posted on my own thread this many times now.

All videos must be submitted by Thursday, March 3rd. That’s in six days.

I’ve been impressed with all the videos I’ve seen posted on CD so far. The Robowranglers, the Mighty Monkey Wrenches, etc…

Will some of the people who made those great robots and videos please join? Most of you qualify if you just add a few pictures of design and fabrication.

Official updated contest rules can be found here:

It would be sad if there were no applicant teams on the first year of this.


If you change the limit down to 1 minute, heres my video… If not, then don’t bother entering it, though it performs all the other parts of your challenge.



Here is our video entry for the competition! I hope you like it! :smiley:


Here is the video for my team’s (1716 Redbird Robotics) 2011 robot. Hope you like it!