1st Annual TFA Kickoff Live Chat/Online Viewing Party


The FIRST Alliance crew (Grant and Ben) invite you to our 1st 2013 Kickoff Live Chat and online video viewing party. Oh it’s definitely going to be a party because TFA is where the fun is. C’mon you know it. That’s right - we’re inviting all the good people of ChiefDelphi to join us and rage via the Interwebs.

So logon, signup, put on the party pants, and rage. It’ll be the second best decision of your life (the 1st was doing FRC)!

Be there or be square.

** notice - We’re still updating the landing page for kickoff so expect to see many changes as kickoff approaches. Thanks! **

*be there or be triangle, circle, square

Haha clever, I see what you did there. Lol.