1st Glance

1st Glance
My brother and I and a few others on the team have been thinking, Is there a way to do a “sports center” for FIRST? Well the answer to that is yes. We have built a set, got a lot of equipment from friends, and are ready to put on a show. Our Premier of 1st glance will be this coming Sunday, the 6th of November. There is an offseason event called the Cow Town ThrowDown. We will be filming and trying to get a great show together for everyone. Our goal is to do a show every weekend during season, maybe every night during competitions, updating people and giving highlights of every regional. This is going to be difficult and the 1st Glance Crew will need lots of help throughout the season. I will post more information about that later on when the time gets closer. Cow Town will be used as a trial run along with something to get viewer feedback. I will post a link to the site that will host our show. Right now it will most likely be the Team Driven Youtube page. We don’t have the capabilities of doing a live show right now but hopefully by season we can get some funding and be able to put on a really professional like show for the viewers of FIRST. Remember that November 6th is the premier. More information will be posted about “1st Glance” at a later date, Start Getting the word out, 1st Glance is going to be really awesome.

I really like this idea. Good luck :slight_smile:

Consider using UStream of Vokle for live shows if you want. Just remember you have to be careful during live shows to watch what you say.

we were thinking ustream but we aren’t sure how to use it with 4 different camera angles. if you know how to do that that would be sweet. I think with this computer our team is building we will be able to because we are adding a capture card so we can possible capture video off a video board and than stream it.

This is a great idea. Good luck!

And i second using UStream for live shows.

This sounds like a lot of fun. Where is the set going to be at? (Is there room at the new build site?) Will you be doing some live interviews on set, top 10 plays of the week, etc… We’ll see you guys at the CTTD. Can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up.

it is actually in my basement and we are hoping to do some live interviews, we were thinking the top 10 plays (matches) of the week. Maybe some time we can have guest anchors or something, that would be pretty cool. Maybe a skype in with someone, the possibilities are endless. If anyone has any ideas post them here and we will see if we can incorporate them.

Maybe try to integrate with 1323’s MadStream?


that would be awesome, or the Top 25 Guys that do the show on wednesday nights during the season.

great idea! would help with scouting some out-of-state teams

Without being 100% sure of your computer set up and support staff I can’t make recommendations. PM/IM me and I’ll see if I can’t come up with something. Video casts are one of those things EWCP has been looking into but I’ve been getting a lot of resistance so we haven’t tried one yet.

I really think that EWCP, frctop25, and now 1st Glance should combine into one show. EWCP has some really good talks going, the frctop25 became very popular last year, and this 1st Glance sounds extreamly promising. The key to doing the sort of thing that you’re talking about is having a pretty vast network of people helping out across the country taking videos and such. Without that you will have a very difficult time finding good video to use for highlights. Overall though, the premise of the frctop25 could be easily intergrated into a show like this, as could the sort of talks EWCP does. There is also probably room for the sort of think Libby K did at IRI-- that was very cool.

Good luck, I’ll definatly watch,

The only thing I have to correct is that EWCP and the EWCPCasts are separate things. EWCP is a group of teams not the cast. The casts were started because we realized that we, as a group, had a vast network of resources, talents, and connections that we wanted to share with the community at large. One thing we have quickly learned is that one or two people can have an impact but when you get 20+ together you have a simply massive network or resources you can tap.

TL;DR - It’s dangerous to go alone, here take this sword.

Thats very interesting, I was not aware of that. In any case I think we agree that pooling the resources of the multiple shows/talks/etc which are appearing would only make them all better.

Looking forward to the scouting talk tonight, Bryan

Like Andrew Schreiber, PM with the details of your set up with cameras/computers/budgets ect. and I can help make some recommendation to give your production a more professional appearance.
Defiantly getting a good support network will help you guys, tv is hard if your record or do live. I study film production in college, and know the pains of getting your set up to look like it is professionally done with a twenty dollar budget.

VidBlaster is a decent app that will let you have multiple cameras/screen shots for hosting live streaming content.


The only problem might be the pricing of the Home version ($195). They do have a trial version available for download.

Hope this helps,

This sounds like a really cool idea and I am looking forward to watching it :slight_smile: