1st Glance

Here is our first episode of 1st Glance. It was a special on Cow Town Throwdown. Enjoy and post comments for us to improve on before the season starts. We are hoping to do an episode every week during competitions. We will need help getting footage form different regionals. I will post on how you can help out the 1st Glance crew at a later date. we are hoping to do another practice run with our teams Junior robotics league in 2 weeks.

Sounds a lot like Let’s Talk FIRST. Let’s talk about working together. Nice concept!

I just watched the first minute or so of footage. I really suggest the anchor people to face the camera when speaking and act more “natural”. They sound and act like robots (see the pun?) I think a close up of their face would be better than having both be on screen at one time. Most of the time it is awkward for the second person to be in the shot just staring somewhere.

we had a camera on in the front were they kept looking but the quality was so low after importing that you couldnt tell who was who, but we will keep it in mind for our next one.

Nice video!

Thanks for interviewing my teammate Gabe (3481), I’ll be sure to tease him about it later!

I need to correct an item from my interview where I misspoke. Andy Baker did not say that Cow Town is one of the best off-season events he’s been to or whatever nonsense I said on camera. What he did say was that if you added 10 teams the Cow Town ThrowDown would look a lot like a regional event… Period. With my only other experience being IRI, I had no business speaking about other events.

I should have known better than to get in front of a camera. It seems I always find a way to put my foot in my mouth. To all of you who work so hard to put on off-season events, I sincerely appologize.

I would like to thank our partners at Cerner and AndyMark and all of our volunteers for just a fanstatic weekend. Team Driven is surely blessed to have such a great group of folks to work with.

Jim Nazworthy
Coach – Team Driven #1730