1st Goat Challenge - challenge release!

Posted on behalf of our slow-typing friends, the Goat Game Design Committee (GGDC):

It’s finally here!

The forgotten robotics competition has released the new challenge today! This year’s challenge is “Meadow Madness!” We think it’s even better than last year’s game, “Clothing Consumption!”

The official game Q&A is via Twitter @FGCTeams

Good luck, teams!

Haha this is goat… I mean great. Love the autonomous scoring.

Are you sure the field was made to proper field spec? The circle in the center appears to be more of an oval than a circle; this may result in teams getting the wrong idea from your game video and creating robots that are better suited to ovular motion than driving in circles.
Where can I find the field cad to check this? My team is tired of release videos portraying the game field incorrectly.

Here you go:
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1599376 :wink:

That looks great. Of course, please remember that the official game Q&A is located at https://twitter.com/FgcTeams.

Personally, our team will be working on “GoatBot-in-3-Hours” sometime in the next few days. One team has already done “GoatBot-in-3-Minutes” and current holds the World Record of 5 points!

Hi Everyone,

We’re participating in the FGC GoatBot-in-3-Hours challenge soon to show novice FGC teams a basic Goatbot design. If anyone else would like to participate in this glorious event, we’d love to have you join us!