1st Regional is Traditional, 2nd is Bag and Tag

The title basically says it all. I remember the policy last year: You will bag at competition and ship back to the workshop. Then you would drive it to the bag and tag event. However, what should be done if the events are 1 week apart? (Like Midwest and 10,000 Lakes) What can be done to be sure nothing stops the robot from getting to the workshop on time? Why isn’t it possible to just drive the bagged robot out of the competition as if it was a robot not going to Championship? I’m just a bit curious on the matter.


Best thing to do is not have back to back events. For most case specific details you should contact [email protected].

Also any robot that is not going to championships from a traditional regional is usually required to be shipped unless you get special permission.

Alright, thanks for the tip, I just wish it was easier to go between traditional and bag and tag.

I would ask for special permission. Since the event is the very next week, you may indeed get it.

Well yea, the main point I’m just bringing this up is thato ur team is deciding on our final choice for 2nd and we want all possible options to be practical. Would it be sensible to still register for it?

I’d say register, then ask, especially if it tends to fill up quickly. If FRC says no, make sure you have a backup second event, and switch to that.

And taking your robot out of a traditional regional yourself has always been a “ask us FIRST” deal, plus you have to cause the crate to leave the venue too.

Your best method (other than special permission to take your robot/crate directly from the venue) is to have anon-FedEx shipper handle the drayage-to-school/work facility shipment, and make sure that they know that it’s important that it gets there by Wednesday night.

I can’t find it now, but in one of Bill’s blogs he mentioned that for back to back events exceptions could/would be made and to email them.

You mean http://frcdirector.blogspot.com/2010/09/bag-and-tag-and-so-much-more.html, right?

Not quite what Bill said. See the second and third paragraphs.

I think the jist of Bill’s blog comments and the intention of FIRST is to help you in any way they can to allow you to compete in your events. His comment about being careful of distance between back-to-back bag events was just to make sure YOU had the means to move your bot long distance in limited time. Just contact FIRST frcteams and explain your situation, I’m sure they can devise the means or permissions for you to get your bot to your prefered events.

I hate to throw cold water on this, but sometimes the reason that an event is not bag-n-tag is because the venue requires shipping. They do not have the capability for everyone to bring their own robot in and out, or there may be work and safety rules. But you can always ask for an exception.


As a union member and 30+ years as a union officer, I have to take a little issue with your post. Sorry. Gary is right, some venues don’t want their doors and walls damaged by someone carrying a 150 pound robot out to the car. They have strict rules for a reason known only to them. We respect those rules.

Contact FIRST and they will work with you. They know the issues and have always been super when I have a question.

Remember you are the customer. Call for service.