1x1 vs 1x2 for linear slides

I have noticed that many teams in the past have chose 1x2 aluminum for their linear slides. Is their any advantages with 1x2 over 1x1? I am looking to save weight and I can’t see reason to choose 1x2 over 1x1.

1x2 tubing is much stronger than 1x1 when subjected to bending loads in a particular direction, so higher strength and less deflection for not much additional weight. Also, it’s generally better to keep your bearing surfaces further apart.

Can you make 1x1 work? Probably, but I personally wouldn’t make that choice just to save weight.

957 used a 1x1 extruded aluminum elevator from Rev last year. We didn’t have major issues until after the season (We ran 3 district comps + worlds) when the elevator’s bottom extrusion pieces started bending inwards. I think extruded aluminum is a great material, but it can’t take nearly as much abuse as 1x2. We are going with 1x2 this year since we are assuming the elevator will take more abuse than last year, especially with hatch placement. It really depends on the year and how much abuse a game will put on the elevator system which system might work better.

1x1 will work just fine provided that you don’t have significant side loads on the elevator. Appropriate gusseting and bracing on the structure as well as significant overlap between the elevator stages (in the extended position) is more important than the dimensions of the tubing.

You might consider checking out Vex’s 0.05" thick 1x2 extrusion if you’re worried about weight. You should still get better rigidity than 1x1 but at an even lower weight than standard 0.1" thick 1x1 tubing.

We’re likely going to use a combination of 0.1" and 0.05" thick 1x2 tubing on our elevator this year (we’re also planning on pocketing it).

One other reason to consider 1x2 over 1x1: it tends to be a LOT easier to make multi-stage mounting work with the clearance afforded by 1x2 than it is with 1x1.

We use 1x2 .05" thick aluminum extrusions that are extremely light. We use the GreyT universal elevator and it weighs about 11.5 pounds without the motor. Super good stuff and it will be very strong.