2 2 Rotor Autos at Glacier Peak

I just wanted to point out that both alliances managed to get a 2 Rotor auto in a semifinal match at Glacier Peak. Have there been any instances of that happening?

This video has single-handedly caused me to pay more attention to the PNW district. Incredible feat, both by machines and the human players. Congratulations to all teams involved in the match!

There are 16 alliances that have gotten 2 rotors going during auto. After scanning those results, I believe the match you witnessed is the only one where both alliances did it in the same match so far!

I thought we had this but just missed it. Almost doesn’t count…

Great match to all involved. I am excited to be playing with these teams at
PNW Championships.

That was very close, nice job getting that 4th rotor.

The losing alliance for this match (4911, 3663, and 5495) were also one gear short of achieving 4 rotors. This would have been the first case of a double autonomous rotor and double 4 rotor in a single match. If everything had gone the losing alliance’s way, it would have been a 466-465 win for the red alliance thanks to 3663’s shot in autonomous.

Alas, 1778, 1294, and 3070 stopped that from happening with great end game defense and earned the semifinal victory.

All in all, it was a very exciting semi-final tiebreaker.