$2.49 1/2" Hex Bearings This Week Only | Swyft Robotics

Get ready for the upcoming season. This week only Swyft Robotics is having a sale on 1/2" Hex Bearings for the low price of $2.49 pcs. Get your Hex Bearings Here

Promotion Valid 10/7/19 thru 10/14/19 11:59 PM CST


Speaking from our experience last year, I found Swyft to provide excellent customer service and great products. I’ll inventory our bearings tomorrow and probably place an order! Thx y’all


Without inventorying our supply I can say with certainty that we’ll need a LOT of 1/2" flanged bearings. We never seem to have enough.

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Echoing mrnoble, we also had a good experience with Swyft last year.

One technical note, our Swyft bearings arrived grease-packed last year, rather than the dry style sold by most FRC-oriented vendors. Out of the bag they don’t spin freely on a finger the same way that other vendors dry bearings do, but I expect them to last longer, and that grease stiction goes away in operation once the grease gets warm. They’re just a hint heavier.

(Yes, we’ve managed to actually wear out hex bearings, but usually only when they’ve been recycled into their second or third robot…)

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You’re right, who am I kidding? Placed an order before these disappear. We will use them

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This is the last day to pick up 1/2" Hex bearings at this great price.

Already received ours - they look, act, and smell like a typical 1/2" Hex Flanged bearing!

I’d like to say again that Swyft exceeded my expectations. They deliver at the speed of McMaster, nearly, and at a fraction of the cost of other dealers for similar parts. Kudos

Got our order today, everything looks great and the bearings spin nice and smooth