$2,500 scholarships to the college of your choice?!

Yes! If you love FIRST, you might love playing CyberStart America. It’s a free cyber sleuth game for high schoolers that can lead to scholarships and free cyber security training and the certifications that all employers are looking for. Registration is open at CyberStartAmerica.org


Several things.

#1, Kate – the original poster, is A-MAZ-ING. She was one of the magicians Dean had working behind the scenes in the early days of FIRST to ensure that FIRST was in a class by itself on so many levels. Those early super high growth days of FIRST didn’t happen by accident and Kate was a big part of making it happen.

#2 CyberStart America is legit. Check it out. Like FIRST, they have done a great job of finding a fun way to introduce High School kids to a world full of challenges and wonder. AND, by the way, if you chose a college major in anything even tangentially associated with Cyber Security, you will have negative difficulty finding high paying jobs when you graduate.

Please go check it out. Maybe Cyber Security is your jam? You never know if you don’t at least consider the possibility.

Dr. Joe J.


Seconding Joe’s endorsement.

Kate is a big part of the team that created and cooked the secret sauce of FIRST, building on the original recipe year after year.

Her work supporting cyber is a decade in the making as well.

Bottom line - this is a great opportunity for students to explore, learn, and grow. One more awesome component of the expanded opportunities available to FIRST participants, as well as other bright students.

Thanks Kate for sharing this with FIRST.

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Wow thanks! Yes! CyberStart America registration stays open until Spring and with 200 FREE FUN challenges, it’s good to get started! It’s self paced, or do it with friends! You don’t have to do them all - 20,000 points puts you in the running for those scholarships. These scholarships will go exclusively to members of the FIRST community.

I just started the challenges, what a fun opportunity this is! Thank you for telling us about it

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Excited to hear :slight_smile: It IS really fun - and was developed by the preeminent cyber security training organization - the SANS institute. It’s the real deal. Employers will love you!

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It has been a minute so I thought I would check in with folk.

Any more people with actual experience trying the challenge at Cyber Start America (beyond TheRealJamesOo I mean)?

Poor reviews welcome as well. If you are the target audience and you are thinking “this site sucks” then KateS1 wants to hear about it. They want to get better and can only improve if they know where and why they fell short.

If you like it, of course, she’ll be happy to hear about that as well but all feedback is welcome.

Dr Joe J.