2 ball Auton

Hey I was thinking of how a robot could go about making a 2 ball auton. This would most likely include taking a controlled ball through a defense (most likely the low goal), then either making a quick shot for the high or low goal or just dropping it off for later (if shooting will take 2 long) going back through the defense and quickly taking a second boulder from the mid-line and repeating the process.

The biggest problem besides time is getting the second boulder without crossing the mid-line, this constituents a foul in auton.

Would greatly appreciate help figuring how to effectively do this.

Look at 2010 intakes: Ball control with a minimum of ball contact.

There is already a thread for this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141180&highlight=2+ball

controlling more than 1 boulder at a time is against the rules in 2016

As stated in the other thread as well, OP is talking about carrying one at a time, but scoring two overall.