2 cameras for comp 2019


We had both set at 30fps and 100%. Highest took to was 4.7 mbps. FTA did see that, didnt say anything, robot was fine until just one match where we lost connection 2x.



You run a real risk having your bandwidth that high. Our alliance in San Diego had three robots with cameras, none of us over 4Mbs but a two were close to 3.5Mbs and we had huge control issues in our first match. We had to aggressively remove cameras and reduce bandwidth over the next couple matches. Even if it seems to work fine for you, you can run into major problems depending on who else is in the match with you.



I’m trying to make sure that won’t happen. on time I was bored and frustrated so I set compression to 0%, fps to 30, and image size to the max (640 x 480 i think) and got around 30 Mbps. I laughed and turned the settings back, knowing there was no way that it was practical.

I pretty sure the limit is now 4 Mbps this year. hopefully not many people use a lot of bandwidth. (at our scrimmage, one robot had 4(!) cameras running at ONCE. I was surprised and wondering how it wasn’t crashing the system.



You are correct that the limit is 4Mbps, however it would be best practice to keep it well under 3Mbps to account for different wireless conditions at the venue.



I’m well under!:grin:



Update: it is now known that our robot died because of battery burnout. The bandwidth had nothing to do with it.

(After reading how the RSL would blink too fast and rewatching a footage someone had taken.)



Oh. bummer. Last year, our robot was browning out because out drivetrain consumed WAY to much power. When we swapped to 4in wheels instead of 6in, we velcroed our robot to the playing field. Also, that was during our actual competition.(For several years we have used reversible bumpers that secure with velcro. This year we aren’t as a precaution, and as a way to save time. (they took a good bit of time to make))

Everyone makes mistakes, and some more than others…