2 Cameras with Rasp Pi and Photonvision

I’m using Rasp Pi 3 and connected to Photonvision.local:5800, with 2 Microsoft HD cameras in the rasp pi. Only one of them show up in the webpage, while the other one constantly has either a loading screen or a black screen. How do I get both camera streams running side-by-side?

Two identical cameras won’t work well in PV, if at all.

We’re using a Pi 3B and it really struggles to process one camera and passthrough another when running photonvision. It works but both cameras end up with a pretty unusable framerate. So far, we’ve been having much better results running the targeting camera on the pi (a pi camera) and serving the drive cam directly from the roborio (lifecam). That was intended to be a temporary solution but so far we haven’t had any problems with it.

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