2 cim 10:1 gearboxes

Anyone know where we can get a 10:1 2 cim gearbox for a drivetrain that is in stock. Andymark is out of stock.

From a nearby team that has one from an old robot?

Assuming this is for a drivetrain (10 second math assumed you were using 6" wheels), you could do a few things: vex (or AM) gearbox with an external reduction. Last year we ran the vex 3 cim ball shifter with 3 minis and an external reduction. Personally, I wouldn’t do it again, but if andymark is out of stock you might have to.

Your other option, assuming this is a 6" wheel drivetrain, would be to look into a smaller wheel. In a standard 1x2 tube, 5" wheels would give you a little bit of clearance. NOT ideal, but you could use a smaller reduction with smaller wheels if needed.

Lastly, custom gearboxes. If you have the resources, this is what I’d do. If you need any help with them, I’d be happy to help you work through it, or there’s plenty of tutorials online.

We are using 8in wheels.

Ok- in that case you might be able to use 6" wheels and use a smaller reduction if you cfan source that gearbox

The Toughbox mini appears to be in stock at Andymark with a 10.71:1 ratio. You get the option of a straight or angled base plate. We’ve used many of these things. Run them in, grease them up, and they will run forever.
Just pretend you can’t hear them.


What is the output shaft style for the tough box mini? And is there a way of making it a 1/2 in hex shaft

1/2" hex

Perfect thanks


There are several available, most of them are 1/2" hex. There are also three shaft plate options: flat, angled, and none (use the KoP chassis inner sheet as the angle plate). Any of the AM toughbox series output shafts will work with this gearbox.

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If you are using 8 in. wheels you may want to look at the 12.75:1 ratio for the Toughbox. Unless you plan to make a lot of full field runs through the trench and your drivers are well practiced you won’t get a chance to use the top speed of a 10:1 gearing with those wheels.


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