2 CMU Cameras... AT ONCE!

I am using a male to male DB9 cable… I’m fairly certain it’s straight-through, is there a special pinout neccesary?

You can find the pinout for a null modem cable here. Basically, all the pins dealing with transmitting on one side are the pins dealing with receiving on the other side (i.e. The Tx and Rx pins are crossed), allowing the ports to talk to each other.

Thanks for the tip… works much better now. That was the easy part, now to modify the code to track on two cameras.

How quickly does that wear out your backup battery?

I want the charger from the main battery for one camera, I can’t even imagine the worry about battery power with two…

Congrats:) cant wait to see it:)

1392’s battery inst that bad, i can the camera for 2-3 days for only a couple of hours each day until battery is gone…

Happy to report that I have two cameras tracking independently as of about 5pm this evening :slight_smile:

Nice Job. Fun to watch. hope it helps somehow.

now is this legal?.. if so do they (cameras) have to be the new 2007 models?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the only part of the camera that can’t be used from the 2006 KOP is the “motherboard”, the thing the the CMU camera plugs into on the module (forgive me for not using correct terms, i am a lowly mechanical team member :stuck_out_tongue: ) We ordered an entire second camera, with another mount, just to have a spare lying around incase things go wrong.

Mike C.

proud to say that 1392 has also succesfully intergrated two cameras this year:) … only we need to buy another legal camera:(

Team 1389, we got it working too. But does anyone know what rule actually says we can’t use last year’s Camera? If we aren’t using the pwm outputs to control the servos, then we aren’t really using any functionality that isn’t available on the new motherboard.

Any ideas?

After doing some checking, I realized that rule R28 pretty much directly reads that you can’t use the old boards. Are there any teams who don’t plan on using there camera this year? We really don’t have budget for a second camera, and we’ve already got some pretty good ideas on how to make autonomous work really quickly with two cameras. Thanks in advanced!