The teams who were in a 2 day event, now have 6 hours to work on their robot out of the bag, some split up the 6 hours. 1 day 3 hours to build on the robot and 2 day 3 hours for the programmers. With this I mind many teams will look for a 2 day event to be their first match, to work on their bot and finish with a 3 day event.

The 6 hours can also be split up into three 2-hour segments, or used as a single block of 6 hours. But remember, once you open the bag, you automatically used up 2 hours (no segment of work can be less than 2 hours), so make the best use possible of it.

Also note that the 6 hours can only be used within a week of the district competition that you are attending. So, if the first day of the district is on a Friday, you can use your six hours starting the Friday before, and if your district starts on a Saturday, they start on the Saturday before.

After (participating in) 3 years of 2-day events in MI, I still would rather have a Thursday practice day. While it’s nice to be able to do work in your own shop with your own tools and have a lot of space, the “we’ll do it during unbag” mentality was very clear in a few instances, and it just didn’t seem right.

We ended up doing a 2 hour and 4 hour split. The 2 hours was used to reattach our shooter to the robot, and the 4 hours to debug the entire robot.

Now that our 2nd competition is coming up and the robot did not have any major components broken we will focus on programming and drivers practice.

The 6 hours is nice since you are not limited to a cramped practice field or pit.

Its the same amount of time either way. The six hours of unbag time for 2 day events is granted because at 3 day events, the first day, teams are allowed 6 hours to work on their robot.

6 hour unbag = 6 hour Thursday practice see?

This was our first 2 day event, and I have to say, I really prefer the 3 day set up. We don’t have room for a full or even partial practice field (we were able to have 1 hoop set up this year). Sure, the Thursday is cramped in the pit, but you have an honest to goodness, real competition field to practice on and a partial field to work with, too.

The six hours in your own shop is nice, but not having a field to practice on is a pain.

This makes it sound as if the time is AFTER the event, but it is actually BEFORE each two-day event. Just clarifying.