2 Driving Modes

I was wondering if their is a way to program 2 drive modes in Labview and if they can be switched by using buttons on a joystick?

LabView provides 3 (if I remember correctly) drive setups. Tank, arcade, and Holonomic (Mecanum). Which all can be switched with buttons/switches/knobs/ anything. It’s just going to be a lot of work.

i wouldn’t say a lot of work. maybe some thought and help from us. most of the local teams here always have a few chosen drivers, and they always want the same setup.
What is your intended use?
Give it your best shot, if you get stuck, just ask, and post some sniplets.

We are trying to use this function during the teleop mode of the competition so we can switch from tank drive to holonomic drive with the switch of a button.

You are probably looking for a case structure, which allows you to switch between different things based on an input. Put your various modes in different frames, and then select them how you want.