2 human players on one side?

is having a human player from each team on one side sharing one corral legal?

No that isn’t legal. However, they can pass balls back and forth

I don’t think I’ve seen this question addressed but I would stick with that the human players have to stay in their own area. I remember them making strict rules about staying in your own player station. Last year the player station were together so if the player station for both teams is connected together I would say yes you could. But it seems like they may have seperate player stations for the competition this year and with the strict rules they have about player stations I would definitely say you would have to be on your own side then. I’m sticking with you have to be on your own side but if they are connected again I see no reason you couldn’t have two on one side.

Joe is probably right. It didn’t seem like they would let you.

how far can this passing go…like walk all the way over there and hand it to the person…or just tossing?

Just watch a practice match or try things out in the practice matches. Some things are hard to tell what will exactly happen until you get there. Las year we couldn’t toss tubs we had to slide them. Maybe you’ll have to slide balls.

Thanks Joe. I never have enough time to read all the Q&As.

That’s a big risk of losing the ball though. At yesterdays UTC scrimmage there didnt seem to be much room between the 2 drivers stations in back because of the ball release support

The official answer:

ID: 63 Section: 4.4.3 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/12/2004
Q: During a match, are the human players allowed to use both ball chutes or only one?
A: Human Players must stay inside their own Team Zone so they could only get balls from one chute. They can pass them to the other HP in the alliance as long as the HP stays within their own Team Zone.

I will be surprized if you see very many people passing balls or tossing them to each other.

Why toss it to the other human player when you can toss it into the goal in less time? (you dont have to wait for the goal to look at you so you can toss it :^)

i can see one time, if the mobile goal is on the other side and it’s about to be capped…not very good chance of this happening…but better to know the rules before hand and know your options instead of getting a penalty or DQ’d

from what i understand of the passing of the balls is you can, as long as you stay on your side of the field… considering one team has a not so good HP, and they do not want to waste balls, they can either bounce the ball over (depending on where the coaches are) or go TO the line (not over) and pass the other team the ball…

but from here… will COACHES be able to pass the ball to the other team’s HP or coach??


In the likely event that your own ball chute is blocked, you would want to consider passing balls to your alliance partner so they can help shooting.