2" Mecanum Roller Source Needed

2" mecanum intake wheels are not available. Does anyone know of a rubber mecanum roller source. We have printed our own in the past, but have found our hard plastic rollers dont work so well with this year’s cargo. I cannot find a source.

166 has used these in the past. Don’t know how long it takes to ship. Keep in mind, these are 3/8th hex bore.

Hope this helps.

FingerTech Mecanum Wheels (Set of 4) | Wheels & Hubs | FingerTech Robotics

I can check our shop and see if we have any 2" laying around. We are a little south of you but I’m sure we could figure something out.

How many were you looking for?

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Don’t you have to make your own 3/8in hex bore for these? says it’s a 3mm (~1/8in) bore on the website.

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I bought some earlier this year luckily, but I could use 2 more, each side

If I could find rollers, is 3d print the wheels

My team has successfully used 3d printed 2" wheels this years. Maybe it is the 3d model you have or something different. The rollers do break very often though.

Can you broach it, or drill it out and mount a printed hub?

This year we are using the thrifty bot vectoring wheels and it is getting plenty of grip. If you want to stick with rubber I an no help.

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