2 NEO Parallel Drive Gearbox

This was an idea I had a long time back after seeing 192s 2012 gearboxes. The original thought was to use hypoidal gears but the extreme reduction those give made that idea impractical among other reasons so I went with the next best thing and used bevel gears.
CAD link:https://grabcad.com/library/2-neo-parallel-drive-gearboxes-1
edit: Here is a link to 192s 2012 gearbox pic: Team 192's 2012 Gearbox


Wait I kinda love this

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My brain is hurting trying to figure how much more it’d cost than a traditional gearbox because of the bevel gear, but nice!

Here is a 3 NEO version

CAD link: https://grabcad.com/library/3-neo-parallel-drive-gearbox-1


IMO this is geared too fast for a single speed drivetrain. I would think this about any drive setup, but especially with the extra inefficiency this setup would have.

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The gearing in the jvn is just an example there is about 5 other gear ratios most of which are slower that you could put in this gearbox

edit: I also don’t agree with you at all. With anything faster than 13ft/s you probably wont be pushing anything but you don’t have to be able to push to be effective, 2017 was a prime example we ran 6 CIM ss at 17 ft/s and did pretty decently.

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I have no knowledge of any of this.

But what happens if motor A runs slower than B and C?

its the same as any other spur gearbox, the motors just even out their rpm so you might have one motor running slightly under max rpm but it doesn’t usually matter. (citation needed this is just how I understand it)

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I mean, it depends on the game really. In 2017 you need to have a very high top speed and decent acceleration, because of the long distances you have to drive. This year acceleration seems to be the more important factor, with very short sprints and the need to easily trick defenders

Yes it is very game specific I agree. My point was that making a blanket statement of single speed over 13 ft/s is too fast is a very closed way of seeing things in my eyes.

I agree, probably should have made it a response to Nick’s comment

For one thing, I never said to always stay at or below 13ft/s:

“IMO this is geared too fast for a single speed drivetrain. I would think this about any drive setup, but especially with the extra inefficiency this setup would have.”

It definitely depends on the game. This season, gearing much faster then 13ft/s wasn’t the best play as the large majority of teams were never driving more then 15-20ft at a time.

In a game like 2017, obviously you would want to gear faster. 17ft/s is likely on the higher side of where you want things, but would obviously be fine. Something around 15-16ft/s should be about right for your average full field cycle game. That said, without some good controls I would argue most teams would fair better at a 13-14ft/s range even in a full field game then with a faster robot as they will likely not have the additional features programmed in to make the robot control better.

Finally, you hadn’t mentioned or listed other speed options, so I was just commenting on the single gear table you posted.

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