2 Robot Scale Cube Auto Club #2RSCAC

OK, here is a new one, I think: Any pairs of robots that both delivered to the same scale plate in the same match in auto? A link to the match video would be great!

Real estate is tight in this scenario…wondering how teams have coordinated their auto routines between matches (or if they have had to.)

We discussed it with 3098 Waterford Captains at West Michigan for the QFs, but after our infamous scale hang it was off the table.

Credit to Bryce2471 for the thread title.

610 and 1114: https://www.facebook.com/Team610/videos/1936811253058464/

340 and 2791 did it twice, in (week 1) Central New York qf:

We got called for launching in qf1 but we fixed it. We chose not to do it for the rest of the event since we needed the switch auto.

Not sure if 1114 got there’s in that match, we did it together in the quarter finals at Windsor:

I know our programers are working hard to improve our auto modes right now, when will we see a tandem 4 cubes in the scale during auto :yikes:

I didn’t think this was too uncommon but 316 and 5895 did it at MAR DCMP

Not on a real field and not 2 teams, but it was 2 robots… https://youtu.be/6A10Exr473k?t=1m55s

Maybe it’s just MAR, but this hasn’t seemed that uncommon to me. I know my team (1640) has done it with almost every elims alliance we have been a part of:
1640 and 341: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2018pawch_qf4m1
1640 and 834: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2018njtab_f1m2
1640 and 25: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2018mrcmp_f1m1
It also happens in quals matches somewhat regularly, though I won’t post all those videos.

Some of the more complex ones I’ve seen are from the alliance of 225 and 2590 with 3 cubes on the scale from their combined autons: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2018mrcmp_sf1m2

I expect creating scale autons that work together is how the best alliances will succeed in these next few weeks. A triple close scale with a single cross, or a double close scale with a double cross, or even the triple cross scale with a single close are all possibilities resulting in 4 cubes on the scale out of auton.

230 and 176 were able to coordinate this at Hartford, impressively combining for 3 cubes total on the scale.

5803 and 2471 did this successfully in Match 44 at PNW DCMP, and 4911 and 4513 did it in Match 30

2590 & 225 DCMP F1M2
2590 & 225 DCMP S1M2

6418 and 8 S2M2

Good stuff! It looks like 341 did a “get out of the way” maneuver at the end of their auton. Others look like they’ve coded the delivery to the end of the scale for close, leaving the side open for the crossing robot.

I agree that this is going to be more common in the remainder of the season.

2883 and 3883 in QF1-1 of the North Star Regional

This one is scary/cool! The cross robot approaches the scale from the side of the platform - always adds an element of risk… and then they stack the cubes on top of each other! :slight_smile:

341 and 2040 did in at MWR S1M1 and Q2M3

At the Chesapeake District Championship in SF1-2 the red alliance of 384 and 1885 and the blue alliance of 836 and 612 both got two robot scale auto to work and cancelled each other out.

2791 - 340 was already mentioned from CNY, but 2 weeks later at TVR 2791 - 20 got the opportunity to do it again.

Worked in QF-1, but due to launching infractions in subsequent matches, we stopped going for it.


Our partners 230 and us (176) were able to sync up our two autos to do a combined 3 cube in Hartford.

Hopefully we some more fine tuning we can arrange 4 cube autos for DCMP:cool:


1100 and 3236 have had multiple successful double scale autos together at WPI week 1 and RI week 4.

Semi finals WPI:

Finals RI:

4910 East Cobb Robotics and 1414 iHot pulled it off against our alliance at the PCH Championship in SF 2