2 ?s answered with RR game.

  1. For 3 years we’ve heard rumors FRIST gearing game play up for Prime time TV. Or some sweet network deal on A&E, abc Family or that one channel 549 on Comcast between country music and Hip Hop. Hurry up Emma with that Bud light. A human player stuffing another pool noodle. Cousin Billy look, that green trash can looks like are dip. Yep Bert just a trace darker. NO WAY TV DEAL period !

2.Why the most passive game now in FRIST history. Did the planets alien a certain way. Did Dean solve the problem of clean water. Is next year game snow removal. No, No, and No. It’s because we have a new controller. We heard the problems they had in first two years. They did not want to add the shock, impact, smash mouth defense to jar or upset the board. They want to easy into play. Moe: Hey Larry get me the glue gun so I can glue down that usb cable so it won’t fall out again. Curly: Moe, I can’t figure out where this cable goes. You got your I/O or D/S. Moe: Why you idiot overweight duma skull. I’ll show you where to stick that wire. Curly: Moe look at these push buttons on the board. Moe: Stop playing Curly, can’t you see. I’m programming; Java. Larry: Couldn’t find the glue gun. Here is your cup of coffee. Moe: So help me if you spill that coffee; I didn’t ask for any coffee. Moe: Come here Larry. I want you to put your head down by the wheels. Tell what directions they spin. Larry: Ok Moe. And So IT GOES!
Thank You God Bless Mentor Mac

What the heck did I just read?

Thank You God Bless Mentor Crack*

Now this is a post I can really get behind.

The best literature in the world. Dean Kamen would be proud.

Pure Victorian English right here ladies and gentlemen.

I mean, some of it made tiny amounts of sense.

RR doesn’t seem like the most crowd pleasing game (though we’ll find out how it really goes soon). And not battering a new control system in a super defensive, impact heavy game is somewhat of a reasonable thought as well, but the rest of it…

Q1: TV deal… think OP feels its off due to the RR game
Q2: Most Passive game that three stooges can run?

Been sayin the same thing 4 years. Respect.