2-sided faces?

I made a cone but tut the top off with a slice modifier. Now I’m wondering how to get the backs of the faces to display. I’m using 3ds max 6, so the shell modifier isn’t an option. :-/ Do you guys have any ideas? the 2-sided flag in materials doesn’t do it either.

I thought there is a shell modifier (or equivalent) in 3dsmax. There is a face extrude modifier, though i’m not sure if that would work with the cone. Why not just remake the cone wiht thickness?

If that’s no good, there is a flag in the render option box that says “force 2-sided” I believe that should work.

How could I give my cone thickness as you suggested? That seems like the best option, but I don’t know how I would do it. Keep in mind that I am relatively new to 3d studio.

Thank you!

If shell modifier doesnt work for you, you can always do it manually -

  1. Duplicate the cone and scale the copy down (Hold shift and scale)
  2. Flip Normals on the new copy (should be either a separate modifier, or an option in edit mesh - not sure)
  3. Attach two meshes together
  4. Apply cap holes modifier to create links between the two pieces.

Still, shell modifier should be the fastest and easiest way. Why do you say it is not an option?

There is no shell modifier in version 6, as far as I know. I’ll try what you suggested. When you say to attach the meshes, do you mean with a boolean union?

There most certainly IS a shell modifier in 3dsmax6. Just look in the modifiers list.
As for attaching meshes - dont use booleans - use Attach button in Edit Mesh modifier rollout.